5 Rarest Items You Can Find in Minecraft Survival (2024)



Learn about the 5 rarest items you can find in Minecraft Survival!

5 Rarest Items You Can Find in Minecraft Survival (2024)

We have compiled a short list of the top 5 rarest items in Minecraft survival that players can discover during their adventure.

1. Banner Pattern ‘Thing.’

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Banner patterns are items used to customize banners inside looms. In Minecraft, the Thing banner pattern is an important decoration item in your inventory. You can use a banner pattern in a loom to create fancy banners with many different options. Patterns can be added to banners using dyes. Place the dyes in the correct pattern in the crafting grid.

The banner you wish to add the pattern to can go in any free slot on the grid. Minecraft banners are their own special game for some people. You can use up to six patterns on a banner and manipulate them to form interesting designs! Thanks to some clever finagling by designers, we’ve seen Ghast, Bat, and Pumpkin banners.

As players know, enchanted golden apples are ultra-useful in dire situations as they add eight more hearts and offer powerful status effects. Hence, hardly anyone will waste one of these items on creating one of the rarest items in Minecraft Survival.

One of the rarest banner patterns is the ‘Thing,’ which uses an enchanted golden apple. As players know, enchanted golden apples are ultra-useful in dire situations as they add eight more hearts and offer powerful status effects. Hence, hardly anyone will waste one of these items on creating a banner pattern, automatically making the ‘Thing’ rare.

2. Music Discs

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Some can rarely be found in chests, while others must be obtained when a skeleton kills a creeper, and the latter drops them. Due to how these exclusive items can be collected, music discs are considered rare objects. Music Discs are primarily meant to play music for the player; with over fourteen Discs, there’s bound to be one you will like.

Music Discs are Vinyl shaped and are meant to be played. They are great when you want to unwind and listen to nice music. So, if you’re looking for how to get mobs to drop discs, how all music discs look, and where to find them, we have you covered in our Music Disc guide below.

The Music Disc only has one song, and when the song is done, it will stop playing and sit in the jukebox. Other than playing music loudly for you and other nearby players to hear, they do not serve any major purpose.

Their music ranges from joyful and heartwarming to mysterious and threatening tracks. The following list contains all the information you may need on the 13 music discs found in Minecraft, with an additional one planned for a future update.

They are arranged in the order of least to greatest Redstone signal output. Music discs are fascinating items in the game as they can play a piece of audio when they are inserted into a jukebox. The title features different types of music discs, all of which are hard to obtain.

3. Elytra

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Elytra are rare wings that are the only source of flight in Survival Mode. They take up the chest plate slot in the inventory and allow the player to glide from high places. They are considered end-game items because of where they are obtained. 

An Elytra enables the player to glide in the air with wings at incredible speeds, almost like a flying squirrel. While the Elytra is equipped and the player is airborne, it’s possible to fly rather than just glide. Using a fireworks rocket, the player can propel themselves quickly, right in the direction of where they are looking.

Many might agree that Elytra is the most powerful tool in Minecraft. This wearable item allows players to glide down from higher grounds. It might not seem like a useful feature, but when Elytra is used with fireworks that propel players, it becomes extremely powerful.

However, when the fireworks animation ends, the player will lose most of their gained momentum and continue gliding. The player can store as many fireworks as they please in their inventory to have perpetual flight, disregarding all but one limitation of the Elytra. This entry is also hard to find and can only be spotted in end cities that generate with an End Ship.

4. Enchanted Golden Apple

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The enchanted apple, also referred to as “Notch Apple” by the community, is a rare and non-craftable variant of the golden apple that has stronger effects. In Minecraft, the enchanted golden apple is often called a Notch Apple.

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Eating an enchanted golden apple in Survival mode gives you status effects such as regeneration, absorption, resistance, and fire resistance. Enchanted Golden Apple provides the player with much faster health regeneration for 30 seconds, fire protection, and damage reduction for 5 minutes. The Enchanted Golden Apple sparkles like all enchanted items.

You need to take an enchanted golden apple in your hand to satisfy your hunger and hold down the right mouse button. When the eating process is over, the player will have Food that allows you to restore the player’s health. When the hunger scale is full, healthy hearts begin to recover.

When a player eats an enchanted golden apple, it can instantly replenish the health bar and add eight extra hearts. Players can eat all kinds of food to replenish their health and hunger; however, a few magical delicacies can give them superpowers.

Additionally, several positive status effects are applied to players when they consume the item, making them more powerful in critical situations and during combat. The enchanted golden apple falls in this category. This item is one of the rarest in the game and can only be found in a handful of chests.

5. Dragon Egg

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The dragon egg is a decorative block or a trophy item. The single dragon egg is the rarest thing obtainable in the game: It is generated atop the exit portal when the first ender dragon is defeated. Two dragon eggs generate on top of the exit portal; one generates when the first ender dragon is defeated, while the other generates when the second ender dragon is defeated.

Players who defeat the Ender Dragon complete the game’s main storyline. As a reward, they are given about 12 thousand XP points, which are dropped by the intimidating entity. Moreover, a special dragon egg will spawn in the middle of the bedrock fountain.

This item is arguably the rarest one in Minecraft survival because players cannot get a second egg in the same world, even if gamers spawn and kill more dragons. If there is no block below it, the dragon egg falls until it lands on the next block. When it is affected by gravity and falling, it exhibits a smooth falling animation.

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