5 Tricks You Should Know When Mining in Minecraft



This article aims to help players achieve more from their in-game mining expeditions in Minecraft.

5 Tricks You Should Know When Mining in Minecraft

Mining is one of Minecraft’s many core mechanics that players should utilize more to progress in this game. However, it is important because it is one of the few activities in the game crucial to the player’s progression.

Mining in Minecraft has players delving into the game’s colossal cave systems. Caves, ravines, and many other locations contain valuable ores and minerals such as diamonds, iron, and emeralds. These are then used to craft weapons, armor, tools, and other important items for the player’s quest and character progression.

Minecraft mining is a huge part of the game, as you can know from the game’s name. Some of the ores and other valuable items will be found deep underground and will not always be easy to find.

While common ores like coal or raw iron are easy enough to obtain, simply mining in a basic fashion might yield a few rare ores, but having the right tips and knowledge can lead to greater gains overall.

Minecraft players can follow many tricks when mining for rare and valuable ores, but some are particularly effective and worth highlighting. We put some of the five useful tricks to help your mining.

Top 5 Tricks To Know When Mining in Minecraft

1. Use Potions of Night Vision

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When mining in Minecraft, you should not underestimate the value of using potions of Night Vision. After the player uses these potions, it will give the player greater visibility and make it easier to find valuable resources that might otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Most Minecraft players will be surprised how often they miss out on rare ores simply by not seeing them in the dark. Using potions of Night Vision strategically can greatly increase your mining efficiency and success rate.

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Night vision potion is a magical liquid in Minecraft that lets players easily see everything in the dark. When players enter the game’s vast world, they will start progressing quickly and mine deep and dark caves to find valuable resources and become stronger.

However, caves can be extremely dark and unpredictable, making traversing and finding things difficult. This is where the potion of night vision comes into play.

2. Make Use of X-ray Glitches

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Image Source: Rediscover Redstone / Youtube

The players in Minecraft may not often use the X-ray glitches, but they are permitted in the game and can be incredibly helpful for mining. These glitches allow you to see through solid blocks. Combined with a potion of Night Vision, this can reveal where the different ore veins and generated structures underground at significant distances are.

Although X-ray glitches vary between game versions, they provide roughly the same results. So if you are having a rough time finding some valuable items to mine, a well-placed X-ray glitch can change everything. However, check with admins before using this glitch in online Minecraft servers.

This glitch can be considered cheating on most servers because you can see the surroundings for mobs, loot chests, or precious ores. But for solo play, this trick can be quite useful. If others catch you cheating, they can forbid you to do something or even ban you off the server.

3. Know the ore distribution

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Image Source: Minecraft

Ores are placed within a specific height range whenever a Minecraft world is generated. As a result, rare ores commonly appear at certain height level locations as players tunnel underground. For example, diamond ore’s frequency increases the deeper a player digs downward.

Meanwhile, gold ores often appear around the height level Y= -16, roughly at the center of its total generation range. Before the players start mining, they must know where and how to locate these valuable ores, and it’s not a bad idea to check to see where the ores generate the highest amounts.

Once you know this information, you can check your coordinates and travel to the necessary height. Specific ores can be found at distinct levels in Minecraft. Players should know where ore is available, as this can make their mining process faster and more efficient.

4. Know your mining methods

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There are different kinds of mining techniques in Minecraft, with each method having its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on factors within the location, available tools, and personal preference, rare ores can be found at different success rates and frequencies.

The most popular methods include branch, shaft, strip, and quarry mining. You must be familiar with each method, as you never know when one technique might suit your current task. And strip mining is one of Minecraft’s most popular forms of mining.

Strip mining is an efficient way to mine a large land area without digging the whole area out. This allows the player to check a certain area for resources quickly. Players commonly use this method to find diamonds in the game.

5. Keep an eye out for special terrain

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In Minecraft, sometimes the world generates in a way that can give quick access to quality ores without you wearing out your pickaxe and shovel. Specifically, the game generates caves and ravines where you can mine and obtain some ores easily.

The world’s seed decides where terrain features like these are placed, so players can set themselves up easily by using a seed with deep-running ravines and caves. Some players reach considerably deep into the ground simply by going through ravines and caverns.

This can result in rare ores being available just by exploring them, saving plenty of time branch mining and reducing pickaxe durability.

Minecraft would not be what it was without mining. In this article, we have gone over some of the best tips you can use when you mine in the game and what awesome things you can do with them.

As you may well know, good gamers are those players who know how to utilize these shortcuts and techniques. That is why if you can use the techniques mentioned above, you can be a pro-Minecraft miner in no time.

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