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Sova was one of the first agents of Valorant when it launched back in 2020. This Russian agent is classified ad an Initiator. Initiators gather intel for their team with their unique intel-gathering abilities. Depending on how players utilize these abilities, the potential can be limitless and unpredictable. Sova shines above most agents: his creativity, abilities, and versatility.

5 Sova Recon Bolt Lineups in Breeze

Russian native Sova is an excellent archer that gathers intel for his allies before engaging enemies. His abilities require great geometrical imagination and a love for physics. As Sova says himself, patience is an essential factor in figuring out how to use his abilities depending on the situation. He is a man of principle that believes in trust, honesty, and transparency. A lot of the Valorant fanbase love Sova for both his skills and his looks. Sova hunts wearing a blue fur coat and sporting long blonde hair with one mechanical eye.

Most of his abilities utilize his bow and arrows. His Recon Bolt, in particular, is one of the most versatile and useful intelligence-gathering abilities in the game. Recon Bolt can bounce off surfaces up to two times for a much farther and unpredictable reach. This article will talk about the different angles of using Sova’s Recon Bolt for the map Breeze. If you are a Sova-main and have a hard time using your recon bolts in an unpredictable and usable way, read on. This is the guide you need to be the best intel-gathering Sova.

1. Mid Attacking Recon Bolt

Stand in the Mid Bottom near the closed shutters and aim for the tower in the distance. When attacking, you can check the mid area that allows you to see enemies attacking through the Elbow and Nest. This arrow reveals most of the Nest and part of the Elbow. However, this recon bolt lineup is equally easy to spot and be destroyed by enemies.

Check the images below.

Use the bow’s full charge without any bounce. This will land conveniently on the wall corner to help you see enemies coming from the middle.

2. Mid Defending Recon Bolt

This map utilizes the mid in such an integral way that it encourages aggression from attackers. When defending, you can send out a recon bolt in a conspicuous place that shows most of the mid in Breeze. Position yourself in the defender side spawn and stand in the corner peeking through the stage facing the middle. Aim at the window with a full bow charge and one bounce.

This shows every agent in the mid reaching the entry pillar. This strategic spot should be checked to avoid flanked in A site through the double doors.

3. Attacking A Site

The A Site is the more convenient of the two sites in Breeze due to its relatively shorter distance and multiple covers. The stairs in A provide some elevation for defenders and can easily hide behind multiple covers, including the triangle pillars at the center of the site. This poses a great threat since most players use the pyramids for cover and sniping. To pull a good A Site infiltration, Sova needs to send the recon bolt directly to the heart of the site to make this work.

Go to the A Lobby and stand at the center of the life ring on top of a small box. Look to the upper left of the tunnel entrance, and you will see a protruding metal girder. Set your recon bolt to Level 2 Charge and two bounces. This arrow will land on the wall beside the pyramids to reveal enemies hiding behind them. However, this will not cover the double door entrance and the area behind the boxes.

4. Attacking B Site

The B Site is favorable to a lot of Marshal and Operator users. The distance between B Main and B Site is a long stretch, perfect for those sniper mains. There are a lot of covers in B Site for defenders. Including those behind the center pillar and the left alley. Making a fast and scratchless entry in B Site is rare and much more difficult without info. This is where Sova’s god-tier arrows come into play.

Position yourself in between the fallen canon and its wheeled housing found in the aptly-named Mid Canon. Aim up towards the protruding canon and greenery on top of the walls, but this time aim at it with the letter “H” in CHARGE like in the image below. Charge your bow to Level 2 with no bounces, and let your arrow do the rest.

5. Mid to Clear Nest

If you need to clear Nest for some reason, then this is the best Recon Bolt for you. The Nest is one of the most integral areas in Breeze. It gives an upper hand to whoever controls this area due to its geographical and tactical advantage. This location gives defenders the perfect spot to locate flanks going to B Tunnel and the Mid Wooden Doors when defending. As mentioned before, attackers provide access to multiple flanking areas, including Nest itself. As such, Nest is one of the most forcefully accessed areas. If you want to clear Nest through intel, this recon is what you are looking for.

From the Mid Bottom, position yourself to the side of the water pipe, as shown in the image below. Face the mid and aim your bow a little right above the wall. Give enough distance to avoid having your Recon Bolt prematurely hitting the near wall. Charge your bow to Level 2 with one bounce.

The recon bolt will hit the back of the Nest, revealing everyone in Nest and everyone else in the adjacent room. This is a great way to surprise defenders since your arrow will appear out of nowhere. This recon also guarantees a sure sweep of the Nest area to assess whether to push through or rethink your strategy.

Sova’s recon is undoubtedly one of the most integral skills in the game. Valorant is a game of aim, communication, and information. Having one of these elements missing from your gameplay can guarantee you a lose-streak compared to teams that talk and analyze their plans. There are still more recon areas in Breeze. Some are more difficult than others. Since Valorant is continually updating, introducing new maps, and changing the current maps, Sova’s recon bolt techniques will continue to change and grow.

As an Initiator, a player must always find ways to utilize their agents’ skills and keep them evolving to keep from being predictable. There are always new angles and new approaches to discover in Valorant. Sova is the most versatile and most used by pros in tournaments among all the Initiators. Spend time practicing Sova’s lineups in customer mode or the Range. When you already have many lineups in your arsenal memorized, start your match and watch your teammates gawk in awe of your arrow skills.

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