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When Valorant was introduced to the world in 2020, it blew the internet. Despite being a new game in the massive first-person shooter genre, it has already made its way to the top of the rankings with CS: GO and Overwatch. Immediately after release, pro-CS: GO players like Shroud have already taken up arms in Valorant to try this new and dynamic world — with good reviews.

5 Underrated Pro Tips in Valorant

In a game where aim and movement are kings, mastering clean and efficient movements for proficiency is a massively underrated skill. If you want to climb the ranks in the game, you need to know how to move in Valorant to increase your survivability and success. Unlike other FPS games like Apex Legends and Halo, which emphasize the great need for strafe shooting and perpetual movement, Valorant requires precise, stop-in-your-tracks accuracy to shoot.

Valorant rounds are so short in Valorant that getting intel on your enemies’ positions and holding angles in predicted enemy approaches are integral. This is why creative movements can elevate your movements to a high degree, especially with a game as dynamic, chaotic, and unpredictable as Valorant. Let’s talk about some uncommon and borderline unorthodox movements and tips in Valorant that can guarantee you a successful playthrough.

Awkward Angles

There are multiple obstructions and angles you can take on any map. Pro players utilize these pixel-perfect gaps in-between spaces to get a clear shot and intel of enemies. While most players will tend to go to obvious defensive positions and typical scope points, taking the unusual route to pick off enemies will take anyone by surprise. An example of this would be in the top platform in Icebox, where you can get a relatively good angle of enemy heads from a unique and weird angle.

Thinking outside the box will surely get you a higher success rate in your missions instead of making the typical plain approach to an assault. Another prime example would be utilizing the rope in Icebox to kill unsuspecting enemies from above. This needs to be coordinated with your team to divert the enemy’s attention or lure them so you can frag the enemies despite having a relatively bigger recoil spread while hanging from the rope.

Pushing Through Smokes is often a Bad Idea

What about smokes that players want to go in guns blazing only to be roughed up good by expecting enemies? This is quite an obvious concept, but most players forget it. There is almost no time that pushing through a smoke is good. This is not always applicable, but more often than not, you will die going through a smoke instead of just waiting it out. This is a common bad habit among players even though they are fully aware of the repercussions.

Waiting for the smokes to dissipate will be so much better. It is okay to let a smoke exist and wait it out. On the other hand, if you placed the smoke, there is a high chance of getting a free kill from enemies. So it all comes down to mind games at this point. There are instances when pushing through a smoke is necessary, but what makes your success higher is ultimately considering not to cross the smoke more.

Team Play is Key

Unless you are always in an early clutch situation, you will be working with four other players. Even high Elo players struggle with team play because they are so good at fragging independently. But just like basketball, a group of uncoordinated solid individuals can be outplayed by a team of average players with excellent team play. And when we say team play, we do not only mean trading kills or crossfire. Working with a team goes deeper than that.

Team play means taking advantage of your teammates’ utilities to kill enemies or accomplish a certain goal. It also encompasses coordinating your movements to your teammates’ positions and vantage points. A prime example is when an ally is planting the spike, make sure to cover them by clearing the angles around the site and making sure the spike can be planted without resistance. Another would be to cover a teammate’s back when approaching a corridor to avoid unexpected jumps from behind.

When a teammate needs to change positions or rotate, provide them with cover fire so the enemy team will be forced to stay behind covers and give your allies a free pass. This can also be done by providing them with blinds like Omen’s smoke and Cypher’s cyber cage. Although it is often shown in movies and tv shows, providing cover fire is often ignored and leads to teammates running to change positions only to die because of the risk-free situation the enemy has been given.

While you can certainly get around to winning on your own, you will eventually meet an enemy team that can outplay and frustrate you because of their lack of genuine expertise in the game and yet continue to win every round. Making sure that team play is prioritized will increase your success in Valorant. This leads us to the next tip, which is essential to make team play work.

Communication is also Key

Playing a team-based game is just like being in a relationship. While most players tend to spam the voice channels and chatbox with nonsense (you can mute them, by the way), the better use of the chat feature is to communicate and coordinate with your team. Communication will get you a long way, make you successful in your pursuit, and eventually make you better.

Communication becomes a key factor in defending or successfully retaking sites. Coordinate with your team so they can tell you what they see in their vie or the minimap so you will not have to take your eyes away from the angle you’re holding. If you are holding an angle, looking at the minimap to see the overall status of the situation will give the enemies that one to two seconds of distraction they need to pick you off.

Another key example of communication is when you are in assault mode and are so focused on the situation that you fail to see where the enemies were last seen. Talk to one another so your Duelist can give you that Clutch you keep expecting them to do instead of communicating rubbish then trash-talking your teammates for dying. That is exactly the kind of toxic communication and player we want to avoid. Use the Riot-given comms system to uplift your teammates in play and have fun!

Do Not Rely too much on Gimmicks

Gimmicks are the super Killjoy setups, Sage wall boosts, Double Shockdart lineups, and more. These gimmicks are cool and garner a lot of attention on youtube and in-game. Although they might work for some time, you will eventually be matched up against enemies whom these gimmicks do not work against, so you will have to adapt.

Keep your gimmicks a part of your playbook, and you will eventually find opportunities to use them. The challenge is to figure out when they will work and when they will not. Not many players know and practice these gimmicks, so it is a great tool for when the need arises and to take your enemies by surprise. Over-reliance on your gimmicks can and will frustrate you, so use them with great caution and understanding of the situation.

Valorant is one of the best FPS games, not because it’s new but unique. The different agents with different abilities make for a surprising and exciting game. If you want to be at the top of your game, like any other sport, practice. Record your games to figure out what goes wrong and what works for you. Work as a team, do yourself a favor, and don’t be predictable — just like in real life. However, these tips can only go so far. You choose whether or not you choose to excel in the game you love. But the best piece of advice is to enjoy the game. Just have fun and see yourself slowly getting better with each round.

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