5 Useful Mobs Of The Nether in Minecraft 1.19



Learn the top 5 most useful mobs in Minecraft’s Nether dimension as of the 1.19 Update.

5 Useful Mobs Of The Nether in Minecraft 1.19

The world of Minecraft is unimaginably vast and huge. The awe-inspiring naturally generated structures often leave players astonished. And in them, mobs run about. Mobs are entities in Minecraft that add more life to the game.

Many mobs spawn naturally in various parts of all three dimensions. These entities can be classified as hostile, neutral, and passive. Most of the player base usually interacts with mobs to farm items, as most will drop something upon their deaths. However, a select few can also drop rare, life-saving items.

One of the most amazing dimensions of Minecraft is the Nether world, an exciting area filled with many challenges. This place of lava and fire has a lot of obtainable loot items and even a few mobs that can be helpful on your adventure.

Although these Nether mobs might be helpful, players must be vigilant and aware that some of them, if not all, are hostile and will try to attack you. A few exceptions exist, but players should always keep their guard up.

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Defeating some enemy mobs in the Nether, Minecraft players can obtain amazing and useful items for their daily needs in their adventures. As of Minecraft 1.19, there are five useful Nether mobs for players. We have specified each mob below:

Top 5 Most Useful Mobs in the Nether Dimension

1. Striders

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Minecraft’s Nether dimension is one of the most dangerous locations in the game. It is a realm where you will likely die to fire, lava, or numerous deadly monsters. The 1.16 update introduced striders; these kinds of mobs are immune to lava and don’t mind letting players ride them.

Striders can be used as a mode of transportation across the Nether. Their ability to not drown inside the lava and instead walk on its surface can prove to be extremely valuable to players. Players will, however, need a saddle to sit on a strider and ride them across lava or on land.

They are built for the warmth of lava, not the natural heat resonating from the Netherrack. When on land, the Strider will move much slower and appear to shiver. Their skin will also turn blue, further showing their hate for land.

In the Overworld, players can use a saddle to mount and ride pigs similarly. Like how a carrot on a stick is used to lure a pig and make it walk faster, warped fungus serves the same purpose as striders in the Nether. Striders can also be killed and will drop strings, making them an alternate source of the material compared to killing spiders in the Overworld.

2. Ghasts

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The Ghast is the second largest mob in Minecraft, taking on the shape of a floating ghost. This mysterious figure spawns at a 5×5 wide and four blocks high location. It spawns in the Soul Sand Valley, Basalt Deltas, and Nether Waste. Once spawned, its eerie cries haunt the entire Nether, with their screams being heard from hundreds of blocks away.

Terrified players tend to run for their lives after hearing the cries. But players need to take the challenge head-on when they are after ghast tears. Meticulous planning and proper preparation are necessary for the player to have any chance of survival.

Players who have spent enough time in the Nether have likely learned to know the ghast’s sad cry in the distance. These creatures may seem not harmful when they are far away, but their ability to release fireballs from their mouths can cause many chaotic problems for Minecraft players.

But if killed, players can receive very valuable items, both gunpowder and ghast tears, which can be used in many crafting and potion-brewing recipes that greatly help you. Ghast tears can be very useful and can be used to create potions of regeneration and End Crystals.

3. Piglins

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The standard piglins can be a great threat to Minecraft players if they will not be careful, but also, at the same time, they are an amazing source of items. As we all know, if a player isn’t wearing a piece of golden gear, piglins will not hesitate to attack them directly.

But these Nether creatures love gold more than most things, and if players wear gold armor, the piglins will leave them alone as long as they don’t attack first. Even better, when piglins are pacified in this way, players can give them gold ingots to barter for items.

Many speedrunners use this method to quickly acquire Ender pearls to create Eyes of Ender and complete the Survival Mode story. Piglins also offer and gives a lot of valuable and amazing items such as enchanted books, potions, boots enchanted with Soul Speed, and many more.

4. Blazes

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Blazes are uncommon nether mobs generally seen in and around nether fortresses. These fiery mobs can attack the player from afar by throwing small fireballs at them. Blazes have made their way to this list because they are the only source of a special rare item called the blaze rod, which is crucial for entering the End dimension.

The chances of players getting a blaze rod from a blaze mob are only 50%. Therefore, it is recommended that players fight this mob using a weapon with Looting enchantment. With Looting, you can increase your chances of getting more blaze rods per Blaze killed.

Blaze rods are the main material needed in creating the eyes of enders, which are needed to activate portals to the End. Without blazes, players won’t get far in their pursuits to finish Minecraft’s Survival Mode by defeating the Ender Dragon. You cannot get blaze rods without Creative Mode or cheats unless you kill these fiery foes.

But blaze rods are also important for being broken down into blaze powder, the main fuel for power brewing stations. For this reason, so many Minecraft players farm blazes within Nether fortresses as much as possible because it benefits their adventures.

5. Magma Cube

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This mob looks similar to slimes found in Minecraft’s Overworld. Magma cubes are much more dangerous because of their ability to jump higher, deal more damage, and nullify fire damage. They have their uses, as they drop magma cream, which can be used in brewing to create fire resistance potions.

Magma cream is also a crucial crafting component in creating magma blocks from scratch without breaking them with a Silk Touch-enchanted tool. And magma cubes can also be used to create one of the best light sources in the game.

When frogs eat small magma cubes, the frogs can create froglights, making three different colors depending on the frog’s color. Considering how powerful froglights are as a light source, magma cubes have become much more useful.

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