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The five most valuable items in Minecraft 1.19 and what makes them very important.

5 Most Valuable Items in Minecraft 1.19

For over a decade, the sandbox game Minecraft is still reigning as one of the most popular and most likely still the best survival game of all time. A large part of the game’s success over the years comes from the entities that come bundled with the game itself, including all mobs, blocks, items, and more.

In the base game, often called the vanilla version of Minecraft, items consist of weapons, tools, armor, ores, and a ton of other stuff that players can acquire during their gameplay. Each of these items is unique since each has different abilities, statistics, and features that can either make them very useful or simply meaningless for players if they obtain them. In terms of weapons, tools, and armor, all players can choose between many different tiers of the same kind of equipment, such as diamond tiers of pickaxes, helmets, leggings, swords, and more. On the other hand, a few of these items are also used individually, like clocks, compasses, and more. So we compiled a short list of the five most valuable items in the game that players should have to progress pretty quickly in Minecraft 1.19.

5 Most Valuable Items For Players in Minecraft 1.19 Update

5. Respawn Anchors

The respawn anchor is the Nether counterpart of a bed in the Overworld. The respawn anchor and the bed is fairly similar in many ways as they both function the same way but only differ in the dimension they can use. However, a respawn anchor’s most crucial aspect is that it acts as a spawn point and allows all players to respawn inside the Nether dimension if the player should be killed while venturing in the Nether.

This item is important mainly because beds cannot be used in any other dimension other than the Overworld since using a bed in the Nether will result in a large AOE explosion that can often kill any uninformed and unprepared player. So having a respawn anchor in the Nether can greatly help players whenever death is near as they do not have to respawn back into the Overworld and instead simply respawn to their last save point in the Nether which is where the respawn anchor is located. Respawn anchors also function just like a bed as many gamers can use a single respawn anchor and can place these in any location in the Nether.

4. Netherite Equipment

Netherite is one of the rarest crafting materials in the game and yet it is also considered to be the strongest material, even stronger than diamond. Netherite ingots can only be made by combining gold ingots with netherite scraps which players can only obtain from breaking ancient debris often found in the lower levels of the Nether. But this is by far not an easy feat to accomplish as ancient debris is extremely rare to come by and often only spawns in small chunks. Moreover, smelting a single ancient debris block will only give a few netherite scraps and players are going to need a lot of them in order to even convert a single weapon, tool, or armor in the game, making netherite equipment even rarer.

Aside from that, players should already have diamond tools, weapons, and armor in order to convert them into netherite equipment, hence why they are considered the strongest and one of the most valuable items in the game that players should have during the end-game.

3. Totem Of Undying

The totem of undying is a rare item that can only be obtained by killing an evoker mob in Minecraft. Evokers are rare pillager mobs that can use magic to summon vexes and deal damage to the player. Evokers are also quite rare to encounter as they often only spawn in village raids and inside the woodland mansion. But once a player kills an evoker, they drop one totem of undying which players can use to escape death once. If a player holding a totem of undying in their primary hand or off-hand dies, the player’s health is immediately restored and they will be granted a second life at the cost of the totem of undying breaking and getting destroyed in their place. So this makes the totem of undying an extremely valuable and rare item, especially for players in a survival game mode in Minecraft.

2. Elytra

Players in Minecraft can only obtain the elytra after defeating the ender dragon in survival game mode. The elytra is an extremely rare item that can only be obtained inside an end ship in the End dimension. This means that for survival game mode players, they will need to complete the main story quest line of the game itself before reaching the End and ultimately acquiring the elytra.

However, for players who use the “give” command while cheats are enabled or are playing in creative mode, the elytra can easily be obtained in the blink of an eye. When equipped with the elytra, players will then have the ability to fly and glide through the sky, making traveling around the world easier and faster. This is also why the elytra can only be obtained in the end-game as players will be able to move around more freely.

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

The enchanted golden apple is widely known as the “god” or “Notch” (a reference to the game’s creator, Notch) of apples in Minecraft. The enchanted golden apple is an incredibly overpowered item that allows players who consume it to gain an extremely large health booth or eight golden hearts for the next two minutes while also gaining the regeneration, resistance, absorption, and fire resistance status effects. This item is especially useful for Minecraft multiplayer as players in combat will likely use the enchanted golden apple to become significantly stronger than the rest. Hence, why this item is extremely rare to obtain and very valuable to players in-game.

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