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Minecraft is a sandbox game created with a mix of reality and imagination. Amidst its vast open world, various creatures roam the land. Here is a list of the best mobs for beginners in Minecraft.

7 Best Beginner Mobs in Minecraft

Mobile entities, or Mobs for short, are AI-driven entities that closely resemble living creatures. They move, roam, interact, and get hurt like normal creatures. They are an integral part of Minecraft and without them, the game would simply be an empty world. Generally, mobs are divided into 3 categories based on their nature from the player’s perspective: passive, neutral, and hostile. While hostile mobs are hard to deal with, most rookie players focus only on both passive and neutral mobs as these often drop items necessary to progress the game in its early stages. Hence, it is necessary to know which mobs are best suited for and are most useful to beginners in Minecraft.

7) Villagers

Villagers are passive mobs in Minecraft that closely resemble human beings. Just like people, villagers can interact with each other, have regular jobs, and follow a daily schedule. Although they don’t drop items when killed as regular mobs do, they are just as essential to players as they can potentially trade with them for items or resources that are normally not accessible through ordinary means.

6) Wolves

Wolves are tamable neutral mobs in Minecraft. Wolves represent dogs as the latter does not exist in the game. Loyalty is a tamed wolf’s best feature. When tamed, wolves become a player’s guardian: defending them from hostile mobs as well as aiding in attacking a mob that the player attacks first. They make great adventure companions and are one of the best tamable mobs in Minecraft.

5) Donkeys

Donkeys are slightly shorter variants of horses. Although horses are taller and faster than donkeys, donkeys may also be tamed, mounted, and ridden. Unlike horses, donkeys are better for rookie Minecraft players as they can be equipped with a chest that allows players to store more items in their inventory. This feature is great, especially when venturing far to gather rare resources.

4) Chickens

Chickens are another common passive mob in Minecraft. Chickens are the main source of eggs, raw chicken, and feathers. Chickens lay eggs once every 5 to 10 minutes. These eggs can either be used as a cooking ingredient for making cakes and pumpkin pies, or as throwables to spawn baby chicks. Chickens also drop raw chicken and feathers when killed. When cooked, raw chicken becomes cooked chicken which players can consume to restore 6 hunger points. Feathers are also needed to craft arrows which serve as ammunition for bows and crossbows.

3) Pigs

Pigs are one of the best passive mobs in the game. They are easy to tame and breed, and can also be ridden by players. Although pigs only drop raw porkchop when killed, its cooked variation can restore 8 hunger points when consumed which makes pigs one of the best sources of food for players both in early-game and late-game scenarios.

2) Sheep

Sheep are a passive mob that drops raw mutton and wool when killed. They’re great sources of wool that players can use to craft beds, paintings, banners, and carpets. Along with wool, they also drop raw mutton that turns into cooked mutton after cooking. Cooked mutton restores 6 hunger points after consuming.

1) Cows

Cows are probably the best passive mob for beginners in Minecraft. They are great sources of beef, leather, and milk. Cows drop beef and leather when killed. Leathers are used for crafting good early-game equipment such as a full set of leather armor and leather horse armor. While dropped beef turns into steak when cooked which can then restore 8 hunger points to players after consumption. Cows can also be milked by using an empty bucket on a cow. This will yield one milk bucket which players can drink to remove any status effect that’s currently affecting the player.

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