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Here are seven hidden easter eggs in Minecraft likely to give you a good laugh.

7 Hidden Easter Eggs in Minecraft

Just like other games, Minecraft does not fall short on Easter eggs. Easter eggs are humorous secret features most players would not know about unless they looked for them. In Minecraft, the Easter eggs are often created with something related to real-life, just like the game developers’ names and yearly events such as Christmas. These Easter eggs are usually amusing and would likely entertain any player.

1. Joke Minecraft Languages

In Minecraft, you are free to set your language—including the default language, English—just like in any other regular game. But did you know that they also contain a few joke languages? These languages include Pirate Speak, Upside Down English, and Shakesperean English. Each language setting changes the words written in the game, including the subtitles, mobs, items, and even the menu. For example, in Pirate Speak, torches are called Rod o’ Flames, and the enchantment Depth Strider is called Mermaid Legs. This amusing joke language makes for a pretty good laugh.

2. Toast The Bunny

During the development of rabbits, a Reddit user called xyzen420 made a post to the Minecraft subreddit about his girlfriend’s lost rabbit named Toast. As a memorial, Ryan Holtz added an easter egg to rabbits in the game. Now, when you rename a rabbit “Toast,” the rabbit’s color and skin pattern will change into the real-life color of Toast the bunny.

3. Rainbow Sheep

A rainbow sheep is achieved by renaming a regular sheep with the name tag “jeb_.” This causes the sheep to change its wool color continuously—cycling through all of the colors sheep wool can be dyed. Unfortunately, this does not change the color of its actual wool when sheared. It will drop the original wool color instead of its current color change during the cycle.

4. Johnny The Vindicator

Johnny, the vindicator, is another unique easter egg that changes a vindicator once it is named “Johnny.” Renaming the vindicator will cause it to become extremely hostile and attack almost all mobs it comes in contact with except for other illagers and ghasts. This is in reference to the “Here’s Johnny!” scene in The Shining movie.

5. Christmas

During the holiday season—specifically from December 24 to December 26 of each year—the Minecraft main menu will display the words “Merry X-mas!”. And to top it off, all chests, including trapped chests and ender chests, will have their textures changed into Christmas presents. This feature lets players get into the Christmas spirit while enjoying the game as usual.

6. Halloween

Similar to Christmas, the Halloween theme in Minecraft features some unique changes. Bats will spawn between October 20 to November 3 when the light level is six or less instead of the usual light level 3. Likewise, on October 31, zombies, skeletons, and each of their variants may often wear carved pumpkins and jack o’lanterns on their heads in celebration of Halloween.

7. Upside-Down Mobs

Another cool way to spice up the game is by turning the mobs upside down. You can do this by naming a mob “Dinnerbone.” This is done by using a name tag on the anvil and changing its name. Once applied, click on the mob with this name tag to change them. All mobs except for the Ender Dragon, the glow squid, and the squid will turn upside down once renamed.


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