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Banda Namco’s most recent entry in the Tales series – Tales of Arise, is one of the best JRPGs in recent memory. Like its predecessors, Tales of Arise is filled to the brim with mini-games and side content that you can dive into. Aside from the sub-quests, arena mini-game, and Gigant hunting, another way Alphen and the gang can make the most out of their adventure is through fishing.

Fishing All Over Dahna: Guide To Fishing For Tales Of Arise

It’s an important feature in the game that gives you access to many bonuses. If you want to begin fishing as soon as you can, then here’s a short guide on how to unlock it and how you can master the mini-game as well.

How To Unlock Fishing

The good news is that fishing isn’t missable in the game. It comes as part of the story and will automatically unlock after you get to a certain part of the game. More specifically, fishing comes after the end of the third chapter. This is where Dohalim and Kisara permanently join the party; it takes around 15 hours before you can reach this part of the game but you can begin unlocking fishing spots before then.

After the events at Elde Menancia, you’ll be tasked with heading toward Mahag Saar next. Follow your indicator and leave Elde Menancia; at the mid-point of Overseer Hill, an event will trigger in which Kisara will show the party how to fish. From there, she’ll also give you Migal’s Rod and the Beginner’s Popper which are the base-level fishing gear in the game.

Where To Fish

There are a total of 12 fishing spots located all over the game. You can easily spot this on the map as they are indicated by a fishing rod icon. Keep in mind that there are different fish per fishing spot so you’ll need to move around the world if you want to catch all 44 species. Each fishing spot has around 5 different types of fish to catch as well. Here are the fishing spot’s locations:

  • Calaglia – Cave of Solitude
  • Cyslodia – Nevira Snow Plains
  • Cyslodia – Frozen Valley
  • Elde Menancia – Overseer Hill
  • Elde Menancia – Talka Pond Road 
  • Mahag Saar – Adan Lake
  • Mahag Saar – Adan Ruins
  • Mahag Saar – The Hidden Wharf (Unlocked after The Wedge section)
  • Ganath Haros – Shinefall Woods
  • Ganath Haros – Lavtu Marshlands
  • Ganath Haros – Fogwharl Limestone Caverns – Inner Sanctum (Accessible after accessing Untameable Rage sub-quest)
  • Uninhabited Island (Unlocked after reaching Rena and going back to Tuah Shoreline)

How To Fish

After finding a fishing spot, simply initiate the minigame. You’ll know there’s a fish in the particular part of the fishing spot in one of three ways: a shadow of moving fish on the water, fish jumping out of the water, and if Kisara’s fishing indicator turns from white to yellow.

Once you’ve found a spot, cast your lure. There are three buttons you can press to attract fish; each fish can be lured by pressing the config buttons in a particular order. Check the list of the fish in the fishing spot and the perfect button combination to lure them before you cast your rod.

The fish will have a health bar that will deplete the longer it stays hooked; your goal is to deplete this health bar in its entirety. From time to time, you’ll be prompted to move the rod left or right; failing to do this can result in the fish breaking the line and getting away. You’ll also be prompted to press specific buttons during the struggle; successfully pressing it will deplete the fish’s life greatly.

Aside from the health bar of the fish, there’s a larger meter at the bottom of the screen. If the arrow reaches the rightmost part of the bar, the fish will get away.

How To Get All Lures And Rods

Before you fish, you’ll have to pick a lure and rod first. The different types of rods will make it easier for Kisara to fish. This means that the durability of rods varies per type. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to unlock each of the rods in the game.

  • Migal’s Rod – This is the first rod that Kisara gets and is unlocked automatically.
  • Novice Tackle – Talk to the Fishing Master at Overseer Hill after catching 10 fish. 
  • Fishing Sniper – Also unlocked by talking to the Fishing Master after catching 10 fish.
  • Alliance Marine Rod – Complete Kisara’s level 60 challenge at Training Ground in Elde Menancia. 
  • Tenebrae Mk. III – Talk to the Fishin Master after catching all 44 species of fish in the game.

On the other hand, lures are what will dictate the type of fish that Kisara can get. Just read the description of the lure and you’ll be able to check what types of fish the lure attracts. Here’s how you can unlock each lure:

  • Beginner’s Popper – Given automatically by the Fishing Master.
  • Elegant Swimmer – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching three unique fish.
  • Portly Mudslinger – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching five unique fish.
  • Round Popper – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching 15 unique fish.
  • Marine Floater – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching 25 unique fish.
  • Uber Spinner – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching 30 unique fish.
  • Teepo Lure – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching 35 unique fish.
  • Silver Fang – Given as a reward by the Fishing Master after catching 40 unique fish.
  • Disarming Lure – Bought in the Cysloden inn’s item shop.
  • Trembling Lure – Bought in Viscint inn’s item shop in Elde Menancia.
  • Charming Lure – Bought in Niez inn’s item shop in Mahag Saar.
  • Rock Slapper – Bought in Pelegion inn’s item shop in Ganath Haros.
  • Celestial Whale Lure – Complete Kisara’s level 25 solo challenge at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia.
  • Mieu Sinker Lure – Complete Kisara’s level 25 solo challenge at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia.
  • Zapie Doppelganger Lure – Found in a chest at Fogwharl Limestone Caverns. Must start the Untameable Rage sub-quest first.
  • Bienfu Lure – Found in a chest in Forland Mountains in Ganath Haros. 
  • Stick Lure – Found in a chest Lavtu Marshlands in Ganath Haros. 
  • Subsurface Mirrage Lure – Found in a chest in Adan Ruins in Mahag Saar. 
  • Flaptrap Lure – Found in a chest in Adan Lake in Mahag Saar.
  • Rappig Minnow Lure – Given as a reward for completing In Sync sub-quest in Cyslodia.

This is how you become a successful fisher in Tales of Arise. Aside from cooking ingredients, you’ll be able to sell the fish for quick and easy Gald as well. Of course, Kisara is able to get some new titles and skills the more you fish in the game so don’t overlook this adventure in Dahna.

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