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Eggs are one of the most valuable crafting materials in Hypixel Skyblocks, making them highly desirable for newer players. In regular Minecraft, the process of getting eggs can be extraordinarily challenging if you don’t spawn near chickens. Luckily, the Hypixels servers have streamlined the chicken gathering process and implemented several ways to get eggs.

How to Get Eggs in Hypixel

Here’s what you need to know about getting eggs in Hypixel Skyblocks on Minecraft.

How Are Eggs Produced

The only reliable way to get an egg in-game is to have a chicken lay it, then collect it. Since regular eggs can’t be a part of the Hypixel auction house and are not a regular part of the in-game economy, players need to find other ways to get their daily egg intake.

There are several options, but each will take some time, patience, or grinding to get high-tier items.

Go to the Barn

The Barn is one of the two Farming Islands in Hypixel. It houses animal spawners and several crops that can’t be found on the mainland.

The island’s mob spawner regularly dishes out new chickens for players to farm or use as they will. These chickens typically take more time to lay eggs than regular chickens, making the egg farming process somewhat inefficient.

Another factor that makes the Barn less suitable for mass egg farming is that some players kill the chickens for their other parts, hampering the egg farmer’s progress.

Chicken at Jerry’s Workshop

There’s a chicken at Jerry’s Workshop that lays eggs which players are free to take. Unfortunately, since the workshop is open once a month, access to that chicken is heavily restricted.

Using a Chicken Minion

A chicken minion regularly spawns new chickens (similarly to a mob spawner), killing and collecting their loot. Players can construct infrastructure that prevents newly generated chickens from dying by moving them out of the minion’s range. The most common methods involve bodies of water and funnel-like designs. This method can be exceedingly effective if you find a correct farming setup.

However, most attempts to mass farm chicken eggs this way are quickly patched out of the game to prevent inflating the number of eggs available to players.

When a chicken minion is upgraded with an Enchanted Egg, it will collect eggs as a part of its farming process, making the above option obsolete. However, the Enchanted Egg itself takes 144 Eggs to craft, which means you’ll still need to create the original batch in some way. Players can also buy the item from the Bazaar.

Become a Chicken With the Chicken Helmet

At the “Raw Chicken III” skill, you get the ability to craft a Chicken Helmet with five eggs.

Equipping the helmet allows the player to crouch or sneak to produce an egg once every 20 seconds. This option is the least setup-intensive method but requires grinding and finding some eggs, to begin with.

Get a Chicken Pet

A high-rarity (Rare and above) Chicken Pet allows the player to potentially get an egg when killing a chicken in any way. At legendary and epic rarity and the highest level, the egg drop is guaranteed.

Users can combine this method with the chicken egg farm via Chicken Minions outlined above. If you get the chickens away from the Minions and let them produce some eggs, you can then kill them to get even more eggs and prevent overpopulating the place with chickens.

A Chicken Pet requires an Enchanted or Super Enchanted Egg to craft (as opposed to an Enchanted Raw Chicken), which can be obtained in the Bazaar or farmed for via other methods.

Get Your Daily Eggs in Hypixel

Hypixel is one of the most innovative and interesting ways to play Minecraft, with a bustling economy and player base. Getting eggs requires a bit of waiting around, but it’s going to be worth the effort.

What is your favorite method to get eggs? Let us know by commenting below.

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