How to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on Xbox


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Ever since the introduction of Crossplay, owners of compatible games have been able to play together despite owning different consoles. There are still a lot of users who are unfamiliar with how this works though, owners of Nintendo Switch and Xbox systems, for example. Hang in there as we’ll show you how to add Nintendo Switch friends to your Xbox and play with them on the platform of your choice.

How to Add Nintendo Switch Friends on Xbox

What Is Crossplay?

Crossplay or cross-platform play is the online functionality of a game that allows it to be played together with users of different console systems. Technically, it’s feasible for different consoles to connect with each other as long as they’re connected to the net. It was more of a matter of disagreements between the hardware developers like Microsoft and Nintendo that stymied its development. Now, however, with the approval of both, players of both systems can play with each other as long as the game has that functionality.

nintendo switch friends on xbox

How Do You Add Switch Friends on Your Xbox?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to add your friends using Nintendo Switch onto your friends list on Xbox Live. That sort of functionality has yet to be developed for any platform. If a game that you’re playing is Crossplay compatible though, there’s a good chance that it’s enabled by default. Most cross-system connections are done by asking your friend to give you their player ID and then entering that into the find friend window.

add nintendo switch friends on xbox

What Games Support Crossplay on Xbox and Nintendo Switch?

These are a list of some of the most popular titles that currently support Crossplay between Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and how to connect them:

  1. Aragami
    Create a public game by choosing Multiplayer then choosing Host. Give your friend your Game ID so he can join your game.
  2. Brawlhalla
    Crossplay is enabled in the game by default. Create a custom room, then give your Switch friend the room’s ID so he can join.
  3. Dauntless
    Crossplay is under Gameplay in the options menu. Make sure that it’s enabled, then you can send an invite to your friend via the Social Menu.
  4. Fortnite Battle Royale
    Crossplay is enabled in the game by default. If you want to make sure the settings are on, go to Options and then Settings. Scroll down until you see the Allow Cross Platform Parties option. It should be turned on. You can add friends through the in-game Playlist.
  5. Just Dance (World Dance Floor)
    Crossplay is available in the Multiplayer Mode only. There are no friends lists.
  6. Killer Queen Black
    Crossplay is enabled by default. You can add friends by clicking on the Friends Icon on the upper left corner of the screen. Either type in your friend’s Liquid ID or give your ID to them so they can add it.
  7. Minecraft Bedrock Edition
    Players need to create a Microsoft Account. If you want to register your friends, give them the game handle that the game generates for you.
  8. NBA 2K Playgrounds
    Enabled by default. You can access either competitive or cooperative play by clicking on the Playgrounds option on the Home menu.
  9. Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition
    Crossplay enabled by default. Go into the Multiplayer options in the menu to connect to the available list of servers.
  10. Next Up Hero
    Crossplay is enabled by default. When you choose a map to play in, if instead of a Join button it says Co-op, then it’s a multiplayer map. You can find individual players on the Search and Filter options on the Main Menu.
  11. Paladins
    The Crossplay menu is under Controls in Options. You can limit games to either Keyboard users, or Gamepad users. Friends can be added through the in-game Friends List.
  12. Phantasy Star Online 2
    Crossplay is enabled by default. Friends can be registered through the in-game Friends List.
  13. Pinball FX 3
    Crossplay is on by default. You can challenge online players in Multiplayer Mode.
  14. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
    You can play matches with people by giving them your Game ID,
  15. Realm Royale
    The Friends list can be accessed by opening the game’s Social Tab. Crossplay is available by default.
  16. Rocket League
    You can add names to your Friends tab by entering people’s Rocket ID, or giving them to friends. The game is on Crossplay by default.
  17. Smite
    The Friends list is under the game’s Social Tab. Crossplay is on by default.
  18. Super Mega Baseball 2
    The game has Crossplay on by default, but the game itself has no friends list. You can only play against random players online. You cannot play matches with specific people even with their ID.
  19. Wargroove
    You can play with your friends using the Online option in the game’s menu. Crossplay is on by default.

Game Dependent Crossplay

With the ever-increasing popularity of Crossplay, getting your friends to play with you, even on different platforms, is quickly becoming the norm. Until such time that the platform developers themselves decide on an integrated online service though, this connection will depend more on the game rather than the system.

Have you ever had trouble with adding Nintendo Switch friends on Xbox? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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