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One of the best features of Roblox Adopt Me is that players can trade pets or other game items to complete their collections. But not all items are created equal.

Adopt Me Value List

An item’s rarity and uniqueness directly influence how valuable they are. Older items are more valuable than newer ones since more new players will want them and their limited supply ramps up value over time.

If you are ready to start trading in this popular Roblox game, you are in the right place. This article will explain the basics of having an Adopt Me value list and how to ensure you get a good trade deal with other players.

How Valuable Are Items in Adopt Me?

The most common pets you can find or obtain are usually considered the baseline price. Generally speaking, lower rarity items will have lower values.

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For example, Cats and Dogs typically have an assigned value of one. That means something twice as valuable can be “worth two Dogs.”

There are not many pets that fall into the lowest tier, value-wise. Some of the pets that most commonly get assigned values of one and two are:

  • Buffalos
  • Bandicoots
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Otters
  • Robins
  • Wolpertingers
  • Ground Sloths

Uncommon Pets

Their low price is due to their high supply since most players will have plenty of them stashed somewhere. On the other hand, Chickens can reach astounding prices, even reaching value ranges of 5 to 6.

Uncommon pets are generally more valuable, but their price can vary significantly depending on current market offers and how likely players will want a specific pet.

Some uncommon pets normally only have a slightly higher Adopt Me value as a common or two, but others, like the fabled Pink Cat, can be worth 42 Cats. The Pink Cat’s price is mainly due to how old the pet is (in game terms) since it no longer hatches from eggs.

Here’s a brief breakdown of uncommon pets:

  • Pink Cat: 42
    a1 4
  • Wild Boar: 15
    a2 3
  • Capybara: 14
  • Meerkat: 12
    a4 2
  • Silly Duck: 10
    a5 2
  • Drake: 9
    a6 3
  • Black Panther: 8
    a7 4
  • Wolf: 7
    a8 2
  • Snowman: 6
    a9 4
  • Bat: 4
    a10 3
  • Dingo, Dolphin, Glyptodon, Crab, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Kirin:3
    a11 1
  • Chocolate Labrador, Fennec Fox, Puma, Snow Cat: 2

Rare Pets

On average, rare pets are worth more than uncommon ones, but their more limited supply means that the values can fluctuate more rapidly. Rabbits are not in high demand, it seems. However, these are generally decently valued and usually fetch a good price from other players. Here is a list of rare pets and their worth:

  • Blue Dog: 48
    b1 4
  • Elephant: 41
    b2 4
  • Pig, Cow, Rhino: 26-27
    b12 1
  • Swan, Polar Bear: 24
    b3 2
  • Brown Bear: 20
    b4 2
  • Hyena: 19
  • Reindeer: 18
  • Shrew: 15
  • Lynx, Musk Ox: 8
    b8 2
  • Monkey, Emu: 5
  • Dilophosaurus, Rat, Pterodactyl, Woolly Mammoth, Narwhal, Seahorse, Merhorse, Sasquatch, Beaver, Snow Puma: 4
  • Bunny, Rabbit: 2-3

Ultra-rare Pets

Ultra-rare items are mixed since their overall values aren’t great, although their average cost will be higher than rares. Some of these items are increasingly rare due to being event-specific items. On the other hand, freely available ultra rares won’t cost much. Below is a list of their estimated values:

  • Flamingo: 48
    c1 1
  • Lion: 45
    c2 1
  • Zombie Buffalo: 38
  • Dalmatian: 36
    c4 3
  • Arctic Fox, Crocodile, Hedgehog, Turkey, Llama: 33
    c5 1
  • Platypus: 30
  • Business Monkey, Toy Monkey: 18
  • Ghost Bunny, Yeti: 13-14
  • Albino Bat, Frog, Coala, Lamb: 10
    e7 1 e8 e9 e10
  • Horse, Panda, Sloth, Penguin, Red Squirrel, Bee: 8
    e12 e13 e14 e15 e16 e17
  • Deinonychus, Clownfish, Wyvern, Hydra, Sabertooth Tiger, Red Panda, Shiba Inu: 5
    e18 e19 e20e21 e22 e23 e24

Legendary Pets

Older pets considered legendary were given so much that they are not particularly valuable. Some designs also are not as great, making them less wanted. Although some exceptions exist, legendary pets make up the top part of the value list. A list of legendary pets can be found below:

  • Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, Giraffe, Frost Dragon: 700-1000 (hard to barter for with other items)
  • Owl, Parrot: 500-600 (two Parrots could be worth a Shadow Dragon in some cases)
  • Evil Unicorn: 400
  • Crow: 300
    d3 3
  • Arctic Reindeer: 150
    d4 1
  • Monkey King: 100
    d5 1
  • Albino Monkey, Kangaroo, Turtle, Frost Fury, Queen Bee, Golden Rat: around 50 (usually can be traded for one another)
    d6e2 e3 e4 1 e5 e6
  • Ninja Monkey, Skele Rex, Snow Owl, Golden Penguin, King Bee: 40-45 (can trade one-for-one with the most expensive rares and ultra rares)
    e1 1
  • T-Rex: 35
  • Cerberus, Kitsune, Robo Dog, Griffin, Peacock: 20
  • Dragon, Unicorn, Shark, Goldhorn, Octopus, Phoenix: 12-15
    d10 1
  • Metal Ox: 10 at most
    d12 1

The prices of legendaries can fluctuate more rapidly, especially once new pets are introduced into the game.

Adopt Me Value Pets

Generally, the barter economy will decide the prices of these items, and not all players abide by the same value designation. It is up to you to try to get the best deal possible.

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