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Many pets in Adopt Me are so infamous that, sometimes you can’t put an exact figure or worth on them. The Monkey King legendary pet is similar, and even though there is so much discussion on this pet, not many can determine its value. Truthfully, it is not a pet which will attract a lot of attention. However, it is still a legendary pet, and it is difficult to obtain in any case.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Monkey King Worth

For some reason, many players have this pet, and because of low demand, it is really hard to find another owner for the Monkey King.

Nevertheless, we still wanted to determine its value, and will outline what led to that conclusion.

How Much is a Monkey King Worth – Adopt Me

The Monkey King can still be obtained by combining three staffs with a regular monkey. There is a huge drawback to this though. To get the staffs, you will need to purchase Premium Monkey Boxes, and even then, you have a 5% of getting a staff from it.

Each Premium Monkey Box will cost you at least 195 Robux, so in the end, you’re much better off trading for the Monkey King. So, how much is it worth?

The Monkey King is worth two or three low tier legendaries like the Kangaroo, T-Rex, and a Ninja Monkey.

There have been many instances where players demand a Turtle for this pet, but in all honesty, the Turtle is worth far more than the Monkey King, since its demand is so high.

All in all, it is not an exceptional pet to have. But nobody could argue that it is pretty hard to obtain it in the regular way, hence why it sits in the mid-tier value for legendary pets.

It can also be traded for at least two Queen Bees or two Albino Monkeys. The Monkey King also gains some value since the Neon version is somewhat unique and interesting.

Chances are that this pet has reached its value threshold, so if you have one, consider trading it. If you’re in the market for one though, and you like its appearance, then go for it, but as a strategic trade, it is not worth much.

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