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My Time at Portia is an RPG crafting sim that focuses on revitalizing a city, upgrading your workshop, and socializing with everyone you meet — and that includes pets. If you want to learn how to adopt pets in this game, here is a comprehensive guide on the animal residents you can befriend and look after.

How to Adopt a Pet in My Time at Portia

Scattered throughout Portia is an assortment of domestic animals that coexist with humans. Most of them are farm animals you can raise in a coop or aquatic creatures you can keep in a fish tank. But there are only a few animals you can develop a friendship with, and thus trying to get them home with you will require a lot of patience and effort.


Pinky is a plump, stray feline who likes to stroll along the streets of Portia. She is the easiest one to befriend, given that she is present right from the start. Pinky also eats all kinds of fish, which you will have no problem obtaining as there are countless fish found in rivers or beaches.

Finding Pinky

Pinky can be seen walking inside the main entrance of Portia as early as 7:00 AM. Since you normally wake up around that time, it will not be hard for you to catch her first thing in the morning. Her schedule often changes, but she is usually roaming around Peach Plaza. She will occasionally stop by in front of Django’s Restaurant to beg for food. If she is not in the Peach Plaza, she will be in the Central Plaza nearby The Wish Tree.

Finally, you can find her napping outside a Cafe near Peach Plaza late in the afternoon. Note that you cannot talk to her while she is asleep.


Pinky is a typical cat who favors eating raw fish over anything else. Consistently giving her the fish she likes most will earn you more relationship points, therefore, raising her affinity towards you.

She will follow you around once you give her a raw fish. Pinky will even go as far as trailing behind you back home but will leave after a couple of hours. Below are the Gifts she prefers to get her paws on:

Love (+20 Friendship): Emperor Gladiator Fish, Emperor Goliath, Emperor Wise Fish

Love (+18 Friendship): Emperor Blue Mackerel

Love (+15 Friendship): Emperor Lantern Fish

Love (+12 Friendship): Dried Blade Fish

Like (+12 Friendship): Blue Mackerel⁠, ⁠Cat Tag, ⁠Emperor Bubblefish, ⁠⁠Emperor Firefish, Emperor Frog Fish, ⁠Emperor Koi Fish⁠, ⁠Gladiator Fish⁠, and Wise Fish

Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠Banner Fish, Blade Fish, Bubblefish⁠, ⁠Emperor Banner Fish, ⁠Emperor Blade Fish, ⁠Emperor Catfish, ⁠Emperor Golden Salmon, ⁠Firefish, Frog Fish, Koi Fish⁠, and ⁠Lantern Fish

Like (+4 Friendship): Catfish, Golden Salmon, Goliath

Dislike (-1 Friendship): Animal Feces

Dislike (-2 Friendship): Everything Else

Hate (-1000 Friendship): Abandon Tag

Adopting Pinky the Cat

Pinky treats you as an Adversary at the start, but with enough gifts and attention, you will be able to raise your friendship and unlock more interactions with her. 

To adopt Pinky, you will only need to increase your relationship status with her up to two full hearts. Reaching the Familiar relationship status will make Pinky stay in your home forever! You may also Pet and Hug the adorable cat after becoming good friends with her.

Pet Accessories for Pinky

Every last weekend of the month, a merchant called Mysterious Man will arrive at Portia with a backpack full of wares. Some of the rare goods he sells are accessories specialized for pets. There are items you can buy from him in exchange for Gols, but there are also some that you can only obtain by trading with him Relic Materials. Here are the accessories that are exclusively made for Pinky:

Cat’s Bed: A soft, comfy bed where Pinky can sleep in.

Cat Tree: A cat’s toy that Pinky can climb on and play with.

Cat Tag: Give this to Pinky if you want to rename her.

Abandon Tag: Give this to Pinky if you want to disown her.


Scraps is another stray pooch that wanders the city, often scavenging for food. However, Scraps is not available at the start of the game because he is missing. You can unlock him after completing the mission: A New Friend.

Completing: A New Friend Mission

Before you can begin the mission, you must first trigger a scene with Polly. Polly will be the one to inform you about Scraps and how he has been missing for days. Polly can be seen outside the School at 15:00, near a Missing Dog Poster. The Missing Dog Poster has the image of Scraps and a text that says: Have You Seen Me?

Bringing back Scraps requires you to finish the Hazardous Ruins mission to get to the Collapsed Wasteland.

Talk to Arlo, and he will tell you that he has heard a dog barking somewhere in the Collapsed Wasteland. Once you have gained access to that area, you can head to the West Shore at the Lake. Down there, you will see Scraps stranded by a large Wooden Cabinet. Calling out his name will make him bark and run away.

You can now notify Polly about the stray dog’s condition. She will then let you know Scraps often bolts off when people approach him unless you give him Dog Food.

Dog Food is obtained by mixing 4 Meat2 Flour, and 1 Salt in a Blender. A Blender can be crafted in the Assembly Station after getting its diagram from Petra. To obtain the diagram, donate all the data discs you can find to the Research Center.

After giving Dog Food to Scraps, he will follow you outside the Collapsed Wasteland. Now you can take him to Polly to let her know that he is safe.

Finding Scraps

Scraps behave like a normal stray dog who sniffs around leftover food, so finding him is not that difficult. He frequents the Peach Plaza, where he can be found yapping in front of Django’s Restaurant. Scraps like to go to Martha’s Bakery Shop and ask for some bread. He can also walk around the Wish Tree at the Central Plaza.


Scraps eats almost everything, from Apples to Animal Feces. He is an odd little furball who likes to chow down seafood dishes. Scraps also is not very picky with food, so it will not take too long for you to increase his heart and affection. Below are the gifts you can give to Scraps daily to gain his loyalty:

Love (+15 Friendship):  Bubblefish Stew, ⁠King Salmon Fillet, and Secret Fish King Soup

Love (+12 Friendship): Aroma Apple, ⁠Bacon Fish Roll, ⁠Bubblefish Soup, Dried Blade Fish⁠, ⁠Fish Porridge, Fishheads Stewed in Soy Sauce⁠, ⁠Smoked Fish Roll, and ⁠Special Salmon Fried Rice

Love (+10 Friendship):  Dog Tag, Fried Chicken, and Steak with Coconut Juice

Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠Animal Skeleton, Apple Juice, Bamboo Papaya with Egg-on-Top Chicken, ⁠Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Crispy Salmon with Sauce, Delicious Roasted Ribs, Dog Food, Dried Apple Slice, Fried Rice with Radish, Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Meatballs and Vegetable Soup, Mushroom Crepe with Fruit Sauce, Nori Burrito, Pepperiffic Beef Burger, Roasted Meat, Roasted Pork with Honey, Salty Grilled Catfish, Smoked Ham, Smoked Meat, Spiced Steak, Steamed Potato Fruit, Stewed Mushrooms, and Tasteless Broth.

Like (+2 Friendship): Animal Bones, Apple, Animal Feces, Meat

Neutral (+1 Friendship): Everything Else

Dislike (-2 Friendship): Cheap Soda, Ginger, Lemon, Milk, Rainbow Lemonade, Salt, Spicy Fish Soup, Spicy Stew Mix, Venom

Hate (-1000 Friendship): Abandon Tag

Adopting Scraps the Dog

Scraps will think of you as his Adversary at first. But he will treat you as his master after reaching the Familiar relationship level. You can Hug or Pet him as soon as you become buddies.

Once Scraps has warmed up to you, you will be given the Feeling Safe mission, which you are required to complete to adopt the dog. Scraps will need a Dog Collar before you can officially take him home. Carol will help you make a Dog Collar, so long as you provide her with Quality Leather and a Copper Bar.

Pet Accessories for Scraps

You can also show Scraps some love by getting pet accessories for him. Here are the items made for Scraps that you can purchase from the Mysterious Man:

Dog House: A small house for Scraps to sleep in.

Dog Tag: Give this to Scraps if you want to rename him.

Abandon Tag: Give this to Scraps if you want to disown him.


QQ is a stumpy domestic pig who almost never leaves Gust’s side. He is one of the animal residents you can form a bond with. However, you will have to marry and live with Gust to adopt him.

Finding QQ

QQ is loyal and devoted to his owner, Gust. You’ll rarely ever see QQ walking around Portia without him. You may interact with this pig whenever you see him following Gust.

In the morning, QQ leaves Mayor Gale’s home to tag along behind Gust. He can be found sleeping in his bed at A&G Construction until the afternoon. He will go along with Gust whenever he sees him in Central Plaza or heading off to Amber Island. QQ will often sleep beside Gust while he paints. Later in the evening, he can be seen running home with or without Gust.


QQ surprisingly prefers to eat healthy snacks like Aroma Apple. It might be because he was raised, but he likes to indulge in sophisticated meals. Befriending QQ could be a bit challenging since he has limited gift preferences. Listed below are the items QQ would love to receive from you:

Love (+12 Friendship): Aroma Apple and Roasted Pork with Honey

Love (+10 Friendship):  Pig Tag and Steak with Coconut Juice

Like (+6 Friendship): ⁠ ⁠Delicious Roasted Ribs, Fried Rice with Radish, ⁠Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Milk, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Meat, Smoked Ham, Spiced Steak, and Tasteless Broth.

Like (+2 Friendship): Apple

Neutral (+1 Friendship): Everything Else

Dislike (-2 Friendship): Animal Feces

Adopting QQ the Pig

Your relationship with QQ starts with Adversary, but increasing his stars will not help you get him to live with you.

If you want QQ to live with you, you must win the heart of its owner first. Some of the Side Missions you take for Gust involve QQ as well. QQ will also not allow you to Pet or Hug him, regardless of how many friendship points you gain with him.

Pet Accessories for QQ

These are the pet accessories you may buy for QQ after becoming one of his owners:

Piggy Bed: A comfortable bed for pigs where QQ can sleep in.

Pig Tag: Give this to QQ if you want to change his name.

Abandon Tag: Give this to QQ if you want to get rid of him.

Pet Toys

In addition to all the accessories you may purchase for your pets, you can also get them some toys to play with. You can buy them from the Harbor Trade Station located on Western Beach once you have unlocked it. Place them in your workshop and watch your adorable pets interact with these toys by themselves:

Jumping Hoop: Pets love to jump back and forth through the hoop.

Climbing Pole: Pets enjoy jumping to and fro over the pole.

Spinball: Pets like to knock the balls and spin them round and round.

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