Top 5 Starter-friendly Build Ideas in Minecraft


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As a starter player in Minecraft, you have limited resources and will most likely have a hard time massively farming for materials on your own. And because of this, most beginner players in the game do not focus on building structures but on simply gathering resources for survival. But the game offers players a chance to build anything to their heart’s content, and what better way to express yourself than to build structures that you can be proud of? With limited resources on hand, here are the top 5 starter-friendly build ideas that you can try out in Minecraft.

Top 5 Starter-friendly Build Ideas in Minecraft

5. Starter House

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Image Source: Zaypixel/Youtube

Houses are a vital aspect of the success of a player’s survival game in Minecraft. Houses offer not only protection from hostile mobs but also a place where players can conduct most of any necessary operations such as crafting, smelting, enchanting, and more. The best way to do this is by building a decent-sized starter house with all the necessary things you need as a base of operations. For beginners in Minecraft, a starter house is a necessary build in your survival world. And for this reason, a starter house is something every survival Minecraft player should have. It does not necessarily have to be big and fancy, but it’s a good idea to ensure that your starter house includes all the amenities needed for survival. Depending on the size of the house and your preference, some of them you can build in a day, while others might take a few days to make. Either way, you will have a starter house that you will be proud of. Nomadic shelters are the easiest type of starter houses to build. These are generally the type of shelters you would make if you don’t plan to settle on a specific spot permanently.

4. Green House

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Image Source: Zaypixel/Youtube

Greenhouses play a vital role in growing crops in Minecraft as these provide a safe location to grow your crops while keeping the hostile mobs away. Although greenhouses in Minecraft don’t work the same way as they do in real life, it is still pretty nice to have an aesthetic building for your plants. Greenhouses are usually made of glass which keeps the sunlight inside the greenhouse. There are different sections of each crop and each section has its water source and sunlight. Additionally, you can light the greenhouse’s interior to ensure that the crops inside will continue to grow even when the sun goes down. Greenhouses are one of the most creative ideas a player could build in Minecraft. They can serve as a safe and ideal place to grow and harvest crops while also being aesthetically beautiful to look at. The main advantage of building a farm in a greenhouse is that your farm can be indoors, but still exposed to natural sunlight due to the transparent glass. Most importantly, greenhouses are not only visually appealing but can also help keep out mobs and players on multiplayer servers.

3. Mini Biomes

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Image Source: One Team/Youtube

These mini-biomes are one of the most fun builds in the game. Players are showing off these miniaturized interpretations of full-scale biomes in their builds. These charming little interpretations of those biomes try to fit those characteristics into a really small space, using unusual materials to get an adorable effect typically in either three-by-three or four-by-four squares. Mini biomes use single fence blocks as tree trucks, but with the normal tree texture as a little head, you can really see how easily recognizable the biome is. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to select your canvas. The charm Minecraft mini biome is packing a lot of detail into a small size making some monstrosity kind of defeats the purpose. Once you have a size selected, it’s time to figure out how to make things tiny! Mini biome craze is much like bonsai trees you’re creating an interesting decoration. Mini biome would be impressive depending on the kind of detail you can pack in, but it’d be challenging to make the most use of the space. Mini biomes are a fun way to create a nice decorative piece and get some experience with landscaping.

2. Aquarium

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Image Source: One Team/Youtube

The basic structure of an aquarium is a T shape, and the combination of sand and coarse dirt blocks will create the terrain. There is a round-shaped structure on both sides, and all sides are attached with glass blocks and oak blocks. The interior of the aquarium should be full of aquatic plants such as corals and kelp, and there are many beautiful fishes inside the aquarium. Aquariums are specifically designed for the outdoor areas in your base so that everyone can come and see what’s inside the aquarium but if your base is large enough, you can build one inside as well. There are different types of fish in the game such as tropical fish and pufferfishes which you can use in your aquarium build. Aquariums are pretty easy to build even for beginner builders in Minecraft. Aquariums can also make for excellent decorations in your bedroom or as a massive undertaking that you can place in other structures. Just be careful when handling sensitive blocks like coral, as they can bleach and die without the presence of water. In its simplest form, an aquarium only requires glass so that players can view their aquatic pets. Some players like to create massive aquariums with hundreds of fish, and others only want a small and detailed aquarium such as the design seen above.

1. Stables and Barns

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Image Source: Zaypixel/Youtube

A stable is a place where you can leave your mounts and animals to rest in a safe area and it’s where you keep their food and gear as well. There’s an indoor and outdoor area for the mobs and you can tweak the size of it easily depending on how much space you need for your livestock. The primary thing in the Minecraft world is food which is very important for the survival of a player. Once you learn how the food system works in Minecraft you will know how important it is for you to have a barn. Once you hint, gather, and plant the only way to keep your food inventory organized you have to keep a barn.  Barns can house your cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs, but you can always add more animal mobs depending on your preference. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of work to build a simple wooden stable or barn for your tamed mobs. It is build that is not really necessary but can always be helpful as it creates a place where you can keep them so they don’t wander off. This way, you can find and explore, milk your cows, or shear your sheep without wandering about to find them. 

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