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The last two decades have been quite eventful for gaming. While we had some prize-worthy games like Bioshock Infinite, Portal 2, GTA, and others, we also had emotes. Yup, while it may sound corny, emotes have been a good find in the last two decades. It adds another layer of interaction with the game itself, and it helps by adding character to the game. Thankfully, Cold Iron Studios’ Aliens Fireteam Elite has them as well. But how to emote in the game?

Aliens: Fireteam Elite | How To Emote

How To Emote – Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Quite frankly, there is no information out there on how to actually do this. I even was hesitant to believe that the developers actually included emotes altogether.

However, they did, and with a quick glance at the key bind menu proved that. Basically, to open up the emote menu in Aliens Fireteam Elite, players will need to hold the D-Pad down for both PlayStation and Xbox, or if you’re on PC, press ‘5’.

There are also dialog options available in the game as well, which can be accessed in a similar way as part of the communication system implemented in the game. For dialog options, players can move the D-Pad up, down, left, or right for both PlayStation and Xbox, or press 1, 2, 3, or 4 for PC.

Despite Aliens Fireteam Elite being developed by relatively a small crew of developers, it still is more impressive than some games with a quadruple budget and team.

It’s little things like this, emotes and dialogue options which add some depth to the game, but I must confess there aren’t a lot of dialogue or emote options in the game.

For now, there are only a handful of emotes, which is fine considering that the game is still relatively new, but in the future, we would love to see more emotes being added.

Even if the emotes required a micro-transaction, I’ll still think it’s a good idea to add more. At the moment, I feel like Fireteam Elite is missing on little things like this, while the actual mechanical part of the game and the fundamental it’s built on are on point.

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