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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is finally out, and while it looks a tad bit similar to last year’s game, there are some improvements to the core of the game. But still some players are frustrated and feeling like the game is an exact copy of last year’s installment. So, to spice things up, why not install mods? Well, it is possible, but how can you install mods in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021?

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 | How To Install Mods

How To Install Mods – Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

To be completely honest, there is no clear way on how you can install mods. The truth is, it will all be dependent on the mod type. For example, car mods will have a different installation procedure than other trainers or tools.

Players can also technically use the Steam Workshop to install mods, like it was previously available in earlier installments of the game.

However, I won’t leave you hanging just like that. The only thing that players can do to install mods is following the instructions given by the creator of the mod.

So, players can find mods at places like NexusMods, download mods from there, and then use the instructions given to install the mod. Just as an example, here’s how to install some mods:

  1. Download Melon Loader.
  2. Install it.
  3. Then transfer files to Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Mods.

MelonLoader is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a mod loader for this game. Like I said before, this installation procedure won’t apply to all mods, so make sure that you find the installation guide for each individual mod.

Most of them use loaders to, well, load the mod, but some can be installed without using any third-party software. For those, you just have to pick up the mod files, and plop them into the installation folder.

It is no secret that this game does share a lot of similarities to its predecessors, hence why so many mods popped up in less than a week of its release date.

As there are more and more mods, there will most likely be a more optimized and easier way of installing them.

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