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There are more than four collectible items in Mafia Definitive Edition. Each of them has up to 20 collectibles.

All Dime Detective Magazine Locations | Mafia Definitive Edition

The Dime Detective magazine is just like any other collectible in the game. The most significant difference is that all of these magazines can be found on the story missions.

This is untrue for other collectibles, which can also be acquired on Free Ride.

If you want to collect these collectibles, we have outlined all Dime Detective magazine locations below.

All Dime Detective Magazine Locations in Mafia Definitive Edition

Most collectibles in the Mafia 1 Remake are required to get a trophy or an achievement. Like all, the Dime Detective magazines are necessary for the Lending Library achievement.

And of course, if you are dedicated to completing the game with everything collected and finished, these are very important.

These are all the Dime Detective magazine locations:

  1. Chapter 3: Molotov Party – Objective: Pick up the Molotovs

On a table next to the windows.

  1. Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine – Objective: Find a Way into the Motel

Above a stack of planks right-side.

  1. Chapter 5: Fair Play – Objective: Follow Guard

One of the selling stands between buildings.

  1. Chapter 7: Better Get Used to it – Objective: Find Out Where the Gang Hangs Out

On the sofa.

  1. Chapter 8: The Saint and the Sinner – Objective: Send a Message from Don Salieri

On an office desk behind the counter.

  1. Chapter 8: The Saint and the Sinner – Objective: Escape Over the Rooftops

On a small white table.

  1. Chapter 8: The Saint and the Sinner – Objective: Kill Johnny

On a drawer inside the church.

  1. Chapter 9: A Trip to the Country – Objective: Find Sam

In the back of the barn.

  1. Chapter 10: Omerta – Objective: Get to Biff’s Pawn Shop

Above a crate.

  1. Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People – Objective: Find the Prosecutor’s Safe

On a trolley inside the library.

  1. Chapter 12: Great Deal – Objective: Talk to Sam

In the security office at entrance.

  1. Chapter 14: Happy Birthday – Objective: Find Sam

On a table at entrance of building looking at the ship.

  1. Chapter 14: Happy Birthday – Objective: Find a Vantage Point

Top deck on a crate.

  1. Chapter 15: You Lucky… – Objective: Don’t Let Sergio Escape

On a dining table inside restaurant.

  1. Chapter 16: Crème De La Crème – Objective: Don’t Let Morello Escape

On crates inside the warehouse.

  1. Chapter 17: Election Campaign – Objective: Follow the Hobo Sign to the Guard Tower

Inside a cell on the ground.

  1. Chapter 17: Election Campaign – Objective: Find the Guard Tower

A desk in the corner.

  1. Chapter 18: Just for Relaxation – Objective: Search for the Cigar Shipment

Second floor office in the warehouse.

  1. Chapter 19: Moonlighting – Objective: Get Key from the Manager

Office desk south-side.

  1. Chapter 20: The Death of Art – Objective: Meet Paulie at his Apartment

Table opposite of fireplace in the living room.

Don’t worry if you didn’t acquire these magazines on your first time completing the game, as you still can get them through Chapter selection.

It will be hard to get these magazines on some of the chapters since you will have to do the objectives simultaneously. Good luck!

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