Medieval Dynasty Repair House | How to Repair House


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We all know that building is a vital aspect in the Medieval Dynasty. Firstly, you need shelter and workstations to more efficiently adventure through the Medieval world.

Medieval Dynasty Repair House | How to Repair House

But what happens when durability drops drastically on your buildings? You will need to repair them. However, as we know, many players are having issues with repairing their dynasty.

Nonetheless, worry not, because we will tell you exactly how to repair a house in the Medieval Dynasty.

How to Repair House in Medieval Dynasty

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There is one particular thing you should look for if you want to fix your house, and that’s durability. According to the game’s wiki, you cannot repair buildings that are above 50% durability.

Once it drops below 50%, buildings can be easily fixed. Your durability should be red if you want to fix your house. Most players who didn’t know this used the upgrade feature to get to 100% durability again.

To repair a house in the Medieval Dynasty, you will need a wooden hammer. Nobody knows which materials are being used when repairing buildings, but chances are those are stone, wood, logs, planks, etc.

This is how to repair a house:

  1. Equip a wooden hammer.
  2. Go to the building you want to fix and right-click it.
  3. A menu will open with a couple of options—select Repair.
  4. Now, see if your durability is red or below 50%. If not, you can’t repair it. Just upgrade it if you want to get to 100% durability. It has the added benefit of having an upgrade too.

If you are going to upgrade your house, though, you will need Daub. Daub is not a material you can get from the natural world, but rather a crafting item.

To repair houses, get the regular stuff like logs, wood, stone, and similar materials. Good luck with your medieval adventure!

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