Can you Get a Pet for Free in Among Us? – Answered


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This guide will teach you if you can get a pet for free in Among Us!

Can you Get a Pet for Free in Among Us? - Answered

The community is always looking for ways to get some or all pets for free, and we have scoured the internet to help out loyal fans. Among Us has found a way to monetize its popularity by putting nearly all its cosmetic options behind paywalls. If you want a pet to follow your character in the game, you must part with some cash or wait for a lucky Twitch Rivals event to get the Glitch Pet.

Can You Get Pets for Free Among Us?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a purchasable pet in Among Us for free. You must go to the in-game store to purchase pet bundles to get associated pets.

Game developers usually try their best to curb illegal practices and get players to pay for optional cosmetics. Some illegal ways of obtaining pets include using cracked versions of the game on PC or BlueStacks to load up Android APKs with their cracked game versions. However, these methods can come with a host of problems.

Additionally, most cracked games and ‘hacking’ files you can find online are not considered safe. They can have a virus or script pulling your personal information. That is why we heavily discourage players from using untested methods they have found on the internet whenever possible. It may mean they do not get a cute pet in Among Us or other in-game cosmetics, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

As a rule of thumb, try to stay away from untested or illegal means. Typically, if you want to get around paying for cosmetics with these methods, you’re more likely to get scammed out of more money than the original item. Alternatively, your method will harm your devices or not work.

What Pets Can You Get for Free in Among Us?

There is currently only one pet you can get for free in the game: the Glitch Pet, which looks like Twitch’s icon. However, this pet is not available at all times.

Players must watch Twitch channels participating in special Among Us promotions that give out these pets. For most events, you must watch a single channel for at least 30 minutes. You can not mute or minimize Twitch during that period, as that usually doesn’t count as “active participation.”

Glitch Pets are sometimes available as Twitch Drops in-game awards events or promotions. If you follow a few popular streamers or their social media channels, you can get a reasonable estimate of the next Among Us event to obtain this unique little pet for your game.

What Are All the Pets In Among Us?

If you have already decided on getting some pets in Among Us, buying pet bundles is the only reliable way to get purchasable pets. A few bundles are available on Android, iOS, and PC versions costing under $5. Nintendo Switch does not currently have cosmetics available.

Here is a list of bundles and the pets they unlock:

  • Bedcrab bundle – unlocks Squig and Bedcrab pets.
    1 42
  • Brainslug bundle – unlocks Brainslug and UFO pets.
    2 25
  • Hamster bundle – unlocks Hamster and Dog pets.
    3 18
  • Mini Crewmate bundle – unlocks Mini Crewmate and Robot pets and the Mini Crewmate hat.
    4 16
  • Stickmin Pet bundle – unlocks Henry and Ellie’s pets, which look like small stick figures.
    4 17
  • The Glitch Pet – unlocked through the event and participation drops mentioned above.

You can buy pets by going to the in-game store (the Shop screen in the main menu) or the customization screen in the game (the computer in the dropship).

Each pet has four animations:

  • Standing
  • Running (alongside your character)
  • Scared (plays when an Impostor kills you)
    scared 1
  • Sad (when sitting next to a dead character)
    sad 2

Living players can not see pets from deceased characters, but ghosts can watch them as they fly by.

Cuteness Is Not Free Among Us

Like most in-game cosmetics, Among Us pets can only be legally obtained by spending some cash. Methods to get pets for free (other than Twitch-exclusive pet drops) typically do not work or are unsafe for your device or data.

What pet did you get? Let us know in the comment section below.


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