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The Land of Lions is a paid DLC introduced in 2020 for Anno 1800. This DLC is the most expansive one to date, and among the many new things is Research. With Research, you get access to Scholars, who help you study and develop powerful abilities and items.

How to Get Scholars in Anno 1800

The question of how to get scholars remains, but you can read on to find out the way. You don’t unlock them by default as there are some prerequisites to fulfill first.

How to Get Scholars

Before you can unlock Scholars, there are a few things to unlock or reach. Here they are:

  • Unlock 300 Elders

Elders are another new population tier that came with the Land of Lions DLC. You need to settle at least 300 of them on Enbesa. Before doing this, you also need to upgrade the Shepherd Residences.

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Once you have 300 Elders, you can unlock the following prerequisite, the Research Institute.

  • Build the Research Institute

The Research Institute can only be built once, in the Old World or Cape Trelawney. This structure is where your scholars will work, and eventually, they can research Major Discoveries, which are significant breakthroughs in technology.

Building the Research Institute requires a large amount of money, materials, and a strong workforce. You also have to construct the Research Institute in three stages. After it reaches the third stage, you unlock the Research feature.

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  • Scholar Residences

Scholars are their own population tier, and as such, require the building of Scholar Residences to house them. These residences must be close to a university as well. In addition, building more Scholar Residences entails getting more permits to proceed.

Once you provide enough housing, you’ll attract more Scholars and unlock additional needs to keep them happy. A robust population of Scholars will open up more research possibilities.


Improving Your Research Capabilities

Assuming you have gathered and constructed all of the above, you can now attract Scholars to work in your Research Institution. You still have to care for their needs and wants to generate a steady stream of Research Points.

The more Scholars you have, the more Research Points you can get, and, in turn, you can research increasingly advanced abilities or items. That’s why it’s important to spend more time and money pampering them.

Some of the items they may ask for are:

  • Leather Boots
  • Tailored Suits
  • Bombin Hats
  • Rum
  • Canned Food
  • Seafood Stew
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Gramophones
  • Telephones
  • Radio Tower

Once you meet these needs and finish constructing the Research Institute, you’ll begin earning Research Points. While simply waiting for them is a great way to accumulate Research Points, you can speed up the process somewhat.

Donating items to the Scholars will earn you Research Points. The rarer your items, the more points you get.

Assigning Engineers to help your Scholars can also increase your Research Points production rate. However, it would be best not to post too many of them, just in case. Other places may need them, too.

Fruits of Research

Among the advantages of unlocking Research are:

  • Item Research
  • Major Discoveries
  • Pier Permit Upgrades
  • Produce New World items in the Old World

All of these will help in strengthening your people and technological state. As long as the people are happy, you’ll have a stable population and can quickly advance to the next population tier. A content population also tends not to riot, avoiding the potential of making your workforce and income falter.

For the Sake of Power

With the Land of Lions DLC, knowledge becomes power, especially if you have a sizable population of Scholars. While it takes a while to start building the Research Institute and attract Scholars, the benefits after you get the ball rolling are indispensable.

What do you think about the Land of Lions DLC? Did you find unlocking Research difficult? Tell us in the comments section below.


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