How to Play Johnson With Mage Build in Mobile Legends



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Most of the time, Johnson fills the role of a tank in the game. In fact, it is designated as one of the rock-hard tanks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, recent games have started to put Johnson’s mage damage into the spotlight. If you look closely, Johnson’s skills all have magical attributes. With enough magic equipment, his damage will increase twice or even thrice as much.

How to Play Johnson With Mage Build in Mobile Legends

Mage Emblem Set-up

mage emblem js
If you plan to use Johnson with a Mage build, you need to start with its Mage Emblem. With an increased speed, you may respond or flee faster than the usual tank build. Moreover, adding magic power in its emblem build will make his skills more effective against enemy heroes.

Mage Item Build

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1. After getting the ARCANE BOOTS, you should take the HOLY CRYSTAL (yellow circle) next. This allows the skills, especially its ultimate skills, to increase their magic damage as Johnson continues to grow in levels.
2. GENIUS WAND. This item not only adds magic power but also reduces the enemy’s magic defense. Thus, making the enemy heroes more susceptible to magic damage.
3. CLOCK OF DESTINY. This item enables Johnson’s magic power to grow more as the game progresses; also, it adds 615 HP.
5. GLOWING WAND. This powerful item benefits Johnson by giving him an additional 400 HP and a 5% increase in movement speed aside from the magic power upon acquisition. What is unique about this item is it allows Johnson to inflict continuous damage (AKA scorch) after each skill.
6. BLOOD WINGS. The last item on our build is the magic item that has the highest magic power attribute. It also provides a shield to make Johnson withstand more attacks, for a longer duration of time.
Johnson with his complete kit of items
Johnson can cause a great deal of damage with just one hit.
js9 1
With increased magic power, Johnson’s ultimate inflicts greater damage to turrets.

Have you tried building Johnson as a mage hero in Mobile Legends? Tell us your experience in the comment section below!

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