Apex Legends: Beast of Prey Patch Notes


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A limited-time mode, new exclusive cosmetics, and some balance changes.

Apex Legends: Beast of Prey Patch Notes

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends get a new limited-time game mode, cosmetics, and other limited-time store items in the Beast of Prey update. In addition, a special way to acquire the highly sought-after Loba Heirloom has been made available through this limited-time event as well.

Gun Run Game Mode

For the Beast of Prey update, a new game mode will grace Apex Legends for a limited time – Gun Run is a head-to-head game mode that pits four squads in a race to acquire stronger weapons as players score more kills in the match.

If you’ve ever played VALORANT’s Escalation game mode, the Gun Run mode will be very similar. Players will be given a preview of the available weapons as they move up in kills. As soon as they hit the next kill requirement they will receive the next weapon in the queue. Throughout the course of the match, each squad can move through 24 different weapons before they acquire the final special weapon for the game mode.

To spice things up, Respawn Entertainment has added a new limited-time weapon in the form of a throwable knife at Level 25. Whichever team gets their hands on the throw-knife first and scores a kill with it will win the match.

The throwable knife is also available for practice in the firing range for as long as the limited-time event is active. The new game mode will be played in Skulltown in King’s Canyon and Fragment East of the World’s Edge map.

Beast of Prey Collection Event Items, Reward Tracker, Loba Heirloom, and exclusive Store items

Beast of Prey Collection Items

The Beast of Prey Collection Event will feature 24 themed limited-time cosmetic items for Legends such as Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane, and Rampart.

All the items will be available for purchase through Apex Coins or Crafting Materials and can be found in Event Apex Packs as well. Get your hands on these cosmetic items as soon as you can, as these items will only be available while the event is active.

Loba Heirloom

Loba finally gets her very own Heirloom set with the arrival of the Beast of Prey update for Apex Legends.

The Garra de Alanza or Alanza’s Claw in Portuguese is a melee weapon skin that features a design that harkens back to one of Loba’s mom’s favorite objects. One interesting fact about the Heirloom is its special inspect animation that shows Loba holding one of Revenant’s skulls, scraping it lightly with the Heirloom before ultimately slicing the skull in half.

Players can take advantage of the Beast of Prey event to acquire Loba’s Heirloom through a special method. By purchasing all 24 items in the Beast of Prey collection, Loba’s Heirloom will be rewarded to players for free.

Reward Tracker

The Beast of Prey event also adds a Reward Tracker that features events and challenges you can complete daily. Completing challenges will give you event points that you can spend on limited-time items in the Beast of Prey Reward Tracker Tab.

Event Store

A number of limited-time bundles will also be made available to players in the Store Tab while the Beast of Prey event is active.

Players can get their hands on the Healing Huntress Bundle, Frozen Carnage Bundle, and Cloud Marauder Bundle from September 20 – 22, while another exclusive set will be made available on September 23 – 27 in the Wave Shift Bundle.

Beast of Prey Patch Notes

General Changes

  • RE-45 and Devotion have been brought back to the Crafting Rotation floor.
  • P2020 and Havoc added to the crafter.
  • Reduced laser and barrel spawn rates.
  • Increased optic sights spawn rates
  • Reduced low-tier light weapon spawn rates.
  • Increased heavy weapon spawn rates
  • Reduced Shotgun Bolt spawn rate
  • Increased optic spawn rate
  • Bocek Bow ammo capacity reduced from 80 to 60.


  • Cost for Hammerpoint Rounds for Mozambique increased
    • White: 100 >>> 150
    • Blue: 200 >>> 250
    • Purple: 500 >>> 700


  • Shiela now inherits sensitivity settings for the most similar optic sens level
    • 2x – Mobile Shiela zoom
    • 3x – Mounted Shiela zoom

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life

  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes tactical cooldown to not appear.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to often come out of the replicator crouched.
  • Vantage “Whittle Break” emote bug fixed. Previously, it would lay flat on the ground instead of sitting upright.
  • Fixed a bug where the display showing Bocek Compound Bow arrow ammo was inconsistent.
  • Fixed bug where using Vantage’s tactical inside Wraith’s Portal could cause the player to stay in flight and the tactical goes on cooldown.
  • Out of Bounds timer will not start once the player has touched the ground when landing out of bounds.
  • Increased scroll speed in menus.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Cells would display the incorrect amount of healing available while taking damage.
  • Fixed bug where Ultimate continues flight even after Newcastle has been downed.
  • Fixed bug where if a player exits the game while the map is loading they are unable to choose a spawn location after reopening the game.
  • Fixed bug where players could not capture Control points while phased.
  • Removed ability to tap-strafe on Gravity Cannons.

Read the full Apex Legends Beast of Prety patch notes here.

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