Apex Legends: Beast of Prey Collection Event Cosmetics List


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Getting all 24 Collection Items to unlock Loba’s Heirloom will be challenging.

Apex Legends: Beast of Prey Collection Event Cosmetics List

Loba was released way back in Apex Legends Season 5 but is only recently getting her much-awaited Heirloom set. The set consists of the Garra de Alanza Heirloom Melee Weapon Skin, Trazer de Volta Loba banner pose, and “I’m in a class of my own” Loba intro quip.

Like most Legend Heirloom set releases, Loba’s Heirloom set can be acquired for free by collecting all the featured items in the Collection Event it belongs to. In this case, obtaining all 24 Beast of Prey collection items will grant players Loba’s Heirloom set for free.

Below is a list of all 24 Collection Items sorted from Epic tier to Legendary tier so you can get a good idea of how many Apex Coins or Crafting Metals you will need to collect all 24 items.

Beast of Prey Collection List


  • Preyed Upon Lifeline Banner Frame
image 608
  • Xenothrone Horizon Banner Frame
image 609
  • Third Partied Holo Spray
image 610
  • Flaunt It Loba Skydive Emote
image 611
  • Joyful Gigawatts Wattson Emote
image 616
  • Ones and Threes Mirage Emote
image 617
  • Hollow One Gibraltar Legend Skin
image 618
  • Blight Walker Revenant Legend Skin
image 619
  • Toxic Waste CAR SMG Weapon Skin
image 620
  • Noxious Spray Hemlock Weapon Skin
image 621
  • Bloody Gold Longbow Weapon Skin
image 622
  • Arctic Fox Wingman Weapon Skin
image 623


  • Bounty Hunter Fuse Legend Skin
image 624
  • Healing Huntress Lifeline Legend Skin
image 625
  • Thrill of the Hunt Loba Legend Skin
image 626
  • Mark of Death Alternator Weapon Skin
image 627
  • Chunky Tech Havoc Weapon Skin
image 628
  • Toxic Takedown Peacekeeper Weapon Skin
image 629
  • Die Tired Octane Legend Skin
image 630
  • Search and Destroy Pathfinder Legendy Skin
image 631
  • Frozen Carnage Rampart Legend Skin
image 632
  • Secondary Jaw Rampage Weapon Skin
image 633
  • Gold Talons Prowler Weapon Skin
image 634
  • Brood Mother Horizon Legend Skin
image 635

How many Apex Coins or Crafting Metals to get Loba Heirloom

You will need 38,400 Crafting Metals to craft every single item in the Beast of Prey collection. If you have some Crafting Metals laying around, you can save a bit of cash by using the Crafting Metals to remove some of the items in the collection list.

On the other hand, if you consider buying out all 24 items in the collection, you will need 11,000 Apex Coins to buy all the Epic tier items and around 21,600 Apex Coins for the Legendary tier items. In total, you will need 32,600 Apex Coins to buy out all the items in the collection without using Crafting Metals.

Cost-effective Methods

image 606

As mentioned above, buying out each item in the collection will cost you way more money than you should be spending on a video game. Nevertheless, a few methods can help optimize your spending and reduce the overall cost when acquiring all 24 collection items. These are:

  • Use any existing Crafting Metals to craft as many Epic-tier items in the collection.
  • Purchase Apex Coin bundles (11,500 and 4,350)
  • Purchase the Frozen Carnage Bundle and Healing Huntress Bundle from the special offers store. (Get up to 12 items from the Collection for just 7,500 Apex Coins)
  • Purchase Event Packs
image 607

Use all four methods above to save money on Apex Coins when trying to unlock Loba’s Heirloom. Buying out each of the 24 collection items will cost much more than if you simply bought bundles and packs in-game.

Time to Collect

Acquiring Heirloom sets in Apex Legends can get very expensive very quickly. Loba fans will probably have some Crafting Metals saved up since Season 5 as they await their favorite Legend’s Heirloom release, but other Apex Legends players looking to acquire the Heirloom through the cheapest means possible will be scratching their heads.

If you are one of the latter, just follow the cost-effective methods we have listed above to get all 24 collection items for the least amount of Apex Coins.

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