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Hopefully, you have not been spending too much on in-game items.

Apex Legends: How to Check How Many Apex Packs You Have Opened

There is something that will make players keep coming back for more. Be it gameplay, music, or the community. Modern online games have devised several clever ways to hook players into the game.

However, nothing is more tempting or wallet-breaking than in-game skins and other vanities in an FPS game, such as Apex Legends. The rarer the item, the better, as pure skill is not the only way players can stand out from the rest of the pack in the popular battle royale game. Finishers and other rare items can do that, too.

Enter Apex Packs – a pack of cosmetic items or crafting currency in Apex Legends.

What are Apex Legends Packs?

Apex Legends Packs are a loot box that contains three random in-game items.

The different types of in-game items you can obtain from opening Apex Legends Packs are the following:

  • Weapon Skins;
  • Legend Skins;
  • Legend Finishers;
  • Banner Frames;
  • Banner Poses;
  • Banner Stat Trackers;
  • Intro Quips;
  • Kill Quips;
  • Crafting Metals;

The chance of getting at least one of the following rarities is as follows:

  • Rare or Better: 100% drop chance;
  • Epic or Better: 24.8% drop chance;
  • Legendary item: 7.4% drop chance;

While the type and rarity of the items players can acquire from Apex Legends Packs will always be random, the good news is that the game guarantees at least one Legendary item drop for every 30 packs that players have opened. There will never be an instance where you get duplicate Cosmetic items from Apex Packs. Sweet.

Apex Packs can be bought with 100 Apex Coins (approximately $1) or unlocked through leveling up.

How Many Apex Packs can I Unlock Through Leveling Up?

If you do not want to spend real money to buy Apex Coins to purchase Apex Packs, you can opt to grind and level up to acquire Apex Packs.

At Levels 2 up to Level 20, you can earn ONE Apex Pack for every Level.

Once you move up from Level 22 to Level 300, you can earn ONE Apex Pack for every TWO Levels.

Finally, from Levels 305 to 500, that number will drop to just ONE Apex Pack for every 5 Levels.

How to Check How Many Apex Packs You Have Opened

If you are curious to know the current number of Apex Packs you have already opened, there is a simple yet handy tool that you can use to check – Mike Zarandona’s Apex Packs Calculator.

The website is pretty straightforward to use. You will have to input your Account Level for every season starting with Season 2, Purchased Packs, and the number of Daily Treasure Packs you have collected from Season 5 onwards. 

You might want to check the number of Apex Packs you have opened in Apex Legends to confirm if Respawn Entertainment holds their guarantee of rewarding at least one Legendary item drop for every 30 packs. In addition, you can use the calculator to check how close you are to obtaining an Heirloom drop (Respawn guaranteed an Heirloom drop within 500 Apex Packs opened.)

Shop ’til You Drop

Apex Packs are a quick and easy way of obtaining decent in-game vanities such as Weapon Skins, Legend Skins, Finishers, etc. What is excellent is players can acquire Apex Packs without spending real money. However, if you have the cash to burn, you can also buy Apex Packs for just 100 Apex Coins.

Of course, Respawn guarantees an Heirloom drop after 500 Apex Packs have already been opened (if it does not drop sooner than that), so keep grinding and leveling up to keep acquiring Apex Packs.

If you want to know how to gain XP quickly in Apex Legends, check out our guide on How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends, where we briefly discuss how you can farm XP quickly in-game and, of course, how you can add Legends to your roster. 

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