Apex Legends Mobile: Aspire Store Rewards List


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Turn in those Aspire Points for some awesome rewards.

Apex Legends Mobile: Aspire Store Rewards List

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 is every Apex Legends Mobile fan’s last chance to enjoy their favorite Battle Royale game on mobile.

The game will shut down on May 1st, meaning players only have a few months to complete events and collect rewards.

The Season 4 Seasonal Store, dubbed Aspire Store, features 14 rare rewards players can collect by completing Season-specific activities.

Some noteworthy rewards include an exclusive Banner Frame, multiple Weapon Skins, a Horizon Legend Skin, and more.

This guide lists all the rewards for Season 4’s Seasonal Store, including where to get the required Seasonal Points.

Apex Legends Mobile Aspire Store Rewards List

There are 14 different rewards to claim in the Aspire Store. Some of the most notable rewards include the Astral Helix Horizon Legend Skin, Among the Craters Weapon Skin, and Aspire Banner Badge.

Screenshot 20230228 193940 Apex Legends
  • Vortex of Memories Horizon Banner Frame (7,000 Aspire Points)
  • Beyond Civilization Weapon Skin (9,000 Aspire Points)
  • Law of the Planetoid Weapon Skin (9,000 Aspire Points)
  • Scientific Coffee Time Horizon Banner Pose (3,000 Aspire Points)
  • Lift Off Holo Spray (3,000 Aspire Points)
  • Far Out Avatar Frame (3,000 Aspire Points)
  • Horizon Headshots Banner Stat Tracker (2,000 Aspire Points)
  • Horizon Finishers Banner Stat Tracker (2,000 Aspire Points)
  • Number of Revives Horizon Banner Stat Tracker (2,000 Aspire Points)
  • Astral Helix Horizon Legend Skin (5,000 Aspire Points)
  • Among the Craters Weapon Skin (4,000 Aspire Points)
  • NEWT Charm (1,000 Aspire Points)
  • Legendary Fragment Items (2,800 Aspire Points)
  • Aspire Banner Badge (1,000 Aspire Points)

Where to get Aspire Points in Apex Legends Mobile?

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You can get Aspire Points from limited-time events such as the Spring in the Ring and Scientific Marvels limited-time events in Apex Legends Mobile.

You can even get a large number of Aspire Points by simply logging into the game and collecting your login rewards in the Aspire Login Month event. You will need 53,800 Aspire Points to get all 14 rewards.

Expect more events to arrive in March and April as the Seasonal Store is set to run until May 2nd.

When will the Seasonal Store end in Apex Legends Mobile?

The Aspire Store will end on May 2nd when Apex Legends Mobile is set to shut down permanently.

Players still have a ton of time to collect Aspire Points and obtain rewards from the Aspire Store, such as the Astral Helix Horizon Skin and Law of Planetoid Weapon Skin.

Keep an eye out on the Aspire Hub for new events that give out Aspire Points so you can get all the rewards you want from the Aspire Store as quickly as possible.

Rewards To Celebrate The Final Season

Unfortunately, players cannot play Apex Legends on mobile from May 1st and beyond. Nevertheless, there are a ton of new features and upcoming content that players can enjoy while the game is up and running.

A lot can still happen in two months, but players will have to wait and see if the devs suddenly decide to rescind their decision to shut down Apex Legends Mobile before May 1st.

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