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Apex Legends Mobile was built with touchscreen controls, but that does not mean you can not play it with a controller. 

Apex Legends Mobile: How to Connect and Use A Controller

Using a controller to play FPS games on mobile devices is not exactly black magic. Ever since PUBG mobile and similar FPS games came out for Android and iOS a few years ago, manufacturers have scrambled to give mobile gamers the best game controllers for their mobile phones.

While touch screen technology has improved significantly in the last few years, on-screen controls can not beat a game controller in sheer comfort, responsiveness, and tactile feedback.

This guide will show you how you can use your console controllers for Apex Legends Mobile.

Are controllers compatible with Apex Legends Mobile?

Respawn Entertainment explicitly expressed the lack of official game controller support in Apex Legends Mobile. Despite this, some players can use controllers to play Apex Legends Mobile without much issue.

The following controllers allegedly work fine with Apex Legends Mobile without further configuration or setup.

  • PlayStation Controllers (PS4/PS5);
  • Xbox Controller (Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S;

However, despite reports of players making the above controllers work for their mobile devices, the same controllers might not work for your device.

Nevertheless, if you have a PlayStation or Xbox controller lying around, it will not hurt to try and see if they work with Apex Legends Mobile.

How to use a controller for Apex Legends Mobile

Using a game controller for Apex Legends Mobile is as simple as pairing and playing the game. Easy, right? Here is how to do it:

How to Pair a PlayStation or Xbox Controller on iOS/Android

PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 controller

  1. Make sure your PlayStation controller is completely off.
  2. Press and hold the PS and Share buttons at the same time until the light bar flashes to enter Pairing Mode;
  3. Go to your iOS/Android device’s Bluetooth Settings;
  4. Wait for your PlayStation controller to appear under the Available Devices;
  5. Pair your Android device to the PlayStation controller;
  6. Done.

Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S

  1. Turn on your Xbox Controller by pressing and holding the Xbox Button;
  2. Press and hold the “Connect” button to put the controller into Pairing Mode;
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS or Android device;
  4. Tap on the Xbox controller when it shows up on the Available Bluetooth Devices;
  5. Pair your Xbox controller to your iOS or Android device like you would with a Bluetooth speaker;
  6. Done.

Almost Feels Like Cheating

Let’s face it, on-screen touch buttons will not be beating the mechanical tactile buttons, triggers, and joysticks on a controller anytime soon. There is something about pressing actual buttons that gives you the confidence to push harder in any mobile game.

While controller support has yet to be officially supported by Respawn Entertainment, we are glad to know that some of the most popular console controllers work fine on Apex Legends Mobile.

For now, we will have to wait for the devs to add official controller support for all popular game controllers for mobile devices. It will not be long before Apex Legends Mobile becomes a super competitive battle royale game on mobile.

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