Apex Legends Mobile: Horizon Abilities and Perks Overview


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Horizon is one of the last Legends to arrive in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile: Horizon Abilities and Perks Overview

Apex Legends Mobile broke the mobile FPS market when it came out almost a year ago, in May of 2022. Since the game’s release, Apex Legends Mobile has been downloaded on millions of mobile devices across multiple regions worldwide. It even managed to bag the Best Game and Users’ Choice Awards at the Google Play Awards before the end of the year.

Apex Legends Mobile was just getting started, and players were already very excited to see the new content and changes in the game for 2023.

Little did fans know that Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment would axe Apex Legends Mobile while it was at the height of its popularity.

February 10 is the last time Apex Legends Mobile will receive updates, as it is set to shut down in May. As their final hurrah, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will give players a taste of what one of the most powerful Legends in the game can become with the Apex Legends Mobile exclusive Legend Perks.

Gravitational Manipulator – Horizon

Screenshot 20230219 111703 Apex Legends

Horizon uses her control over gravity to cushion falls, lift herself and her teammates to higher ground, and even spawn a mini-black hole that sucks in anything nearby.

Passive: Spacewalk

Screenshot 20230219 111647 Apex Legends

Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.

Spacewalk, Horizon’s Passive ability, allows her to move from high ground to low ground without taking too much damage.

This allows Horizon to ‘ambush’ enemies from high ground as she gains increased mid-air turn speeds and the ability to move faster after landing.

Spacewalk also allows Horizon to skip ziplines

Tactical: Gravity Lift

Screenshot 20230219 111712 Apex Legends

Reserve the gravity flow, lifting players upwards and boosting them outwards when they exit.

Gravity Lift can lift Horizon and her teammates to new heights, allowing her and her teammates to take a more advantageous angle against enemies on maps featuring many tall buildings and structures. Gravity Lift can even lift knocked teammates to a safer location.

Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Black Hole

Screenshot 20230219 111732 Apex Legends

Deploy N.E.W.T. to crease a micro black hole that pulls players in towards it and hits them with a gravitational blast at the end.

Horizon’s Black Hole affects enemies behind walls and cover and will be highlighted if they are standing behind the Black Hole. N.E.W.T. can be destroyed, however, as it only has 200 health.

Horizon’s Black Hole can be used with other Legends’ area abilities and items to deal massive damage. Use your Grenades and Arc Stars on enemies caught in Black Hole to deal as much damage as possible. Legend Abilities such as Causitc’s Nox Gas and Revenant’s Silence can also be used with Black Hole.

Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Horizon Legend Perks

Horizon’s Perks, Finisher Perks, and Ability Perks give her abilities even more bonuses and duration.


  • Swift Landing: Briefly accelerate after falling from a great height.
  • Gravitational Pull: While knocked down, you can still use Gravity Lift.
  • Leap for Mankind: You can jump higher when your Tactical and Ultimate are deployed.

Ability Perks

  • Cosmic Lift: Gravity Lift’s height increases by 50%.
  • Extra Dimension: You remain in the Gravity Lift longer.
  • Dark Matter: Black Hole destroys all enemy traps within its vicinity.

Finisher Perks

  • Deadly Momentum: Using your Finisher reduces your Ultimate’s cooldown by 30%.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Tactical Advantage: Using your Finisher charges your Tactical.

The most noteworthy Perks are Swift Landing, Gravitational Pull, Cosmic Lift, and Extra Dimension.

Swift Landing is especially great for players looking to play as aggressively as they can with Horizon as she gains the ability to move faster after landing, alongside her improved mid-air turn speed and quicker landing recovery speed.

Gravitational Pull is also a powerful Horizon Perk that allows the Gravitational Manipulator to reposition herself even when knocked down.

It is great for moving to safer areas on the map or launching Horizon toward her teammates to help them revive her more easily.

On maps with a ton of verticality, such as Olympus, Horizon can utilize the increased Gravity Lift height bonus from Cosmic Lift to propel herself and her allies to even higher ground. Extra Dimension offers a similar effect by allowing Horizon to stay in the Gravity Lift longer.

The Power of Gravity

While Horizon’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile are very similar to its PC or console counterpart, Legend Perks sets Horizon on Apex Mobile apart, providing various buffs to her abilities, some of which can completely transform the already powerful Legend into an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Apex Legends fans on PC or Console have long wished for Legend Perks found in Apex Legends Mobile. Unfortunately, the devs have not announced plans to introduce the mobile-exclusive gameplay element on PC or console. This means Apex fans on those platforms will have to play Apex Legends Mobile to experience how Legends such as Horizon perform with Perks.

They’ll have to hurry, though, as Apex Legends Mobile will no longer be playable after May 1st.

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