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This guide will teach you how to complete the Reliable Helper Quest in Genshin Impact!

The Reliable Helper Quest Genshin Impact Guide

The Reliable Helper Quest is a Daily Commission in Genshin Impact in Mondstadt. This means that quests will only randomly appear in the quests lists if the player’s current Daily Commissions setting is set to Mondstadt or at random.


The Reliable Helper Quest Background

This Daily Commission involves a Snezhnayan NPC named Tsarevich. The man is a merchant who does business all around the seven nations of Teyvat.

While on his way to Mondstadt to do his usual trading, the Knights of Favonius prevented the Snezhnayan merchant from passing through Dadaupa Gorge. This is because monsters have recently been active around the area.

A screenshot of Tsarevich in Genshin Impact

Tsarevich will ask you to help him clear the monster in one of three different locations. Each location has specific instructions you must follow, and doing them exactly will grant you better rewards.

You can only select and complete one task the merchant asks for. As a Daily Commission, this quest can appear and be completed several times, giving players a chance to complete all three tasks from the merchant properly.

The Reliable Quest NPC Location

The NPC for this commission, Tsarevich, can be found by the foot of a cliff southwest of Windrise. It is the entrance to a valley that leads to Dadaupa Gorge.

There are several ways to get to the spot, but the fastest is via the camp at the foot of Dragonspine. You can simply travel to the camp’s Teleport Waypoint, walk north, and then glide down the cliff.

A screenshot of where to find Tsarevich in Hollow Knight

If you have not yet unlocked the camp, you can teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Windrise and head south. But you must climb up some hills to get to where Tsarevich is.

The Reliable Helper Quest Steps

Step 1: Talk to Tsarevich.

The quest starts with Tsarevich sounding distressed and discussing his bad luck. He then rambled about how the Knights of Favonius have no sense of efficiency for telling him that there were monsters ahead and not letting him pass.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

As the merchant continued rambling about how he still had so many matters to attend to and how much money this whole situation was costing him, he noticed that you were an adventurer and offered you a deal. He will pay you if you are willing to help him with something.

The hilichurls around Mondstadt seem to have grown more numerous, and Tsarevich wants you to drive them off.

Step 2: Select a location to clear out.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Monsters are lurking everywhere, be it the peak, side, or even the foot of the mountain. Since you are alone, Tsarevich will let you pick one of the three areas to clean out yourself. The choices you have are:

  • “I’ll take the foot of the mountains.”
  • “I’ll head for the mountainside.”
  • “I’ll go for the mountaintop.”

Each location will have different specific instructions to follow, and you can only choose to complete one of these in each instance of this Daily Commission.

Step 3 will differ depending on which location you choose to help Tsarevich.

Location Options

Option 1: Foot of the Mountains

If you go to the foot of the mountains, Tsarevich will tell you there’s not much down there but a bunch of hilichurls. And although they are not much of a threat, Tsarevich thinks they are an eyesore. 

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

The merchant will instruct you to go and take care of them all. But, since it is just a simple task, Tsarevich will give you only 1 minute to complete it.

Option 1 – Step 3: Defeat the hilichurls as requested by Tsarevich (Foot of the mountain).

The path within the valley can find the group of monsters. When you go there, you will come across hilichurls between some fence of thorny vines, but these are not the ones that are supposed to be defeated.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

The group of monsters that need defeating for this quest is deep into the valley where the water starts. They include three hilichurls and an Axe Mitachurl.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Remember that you only have 60 seconds, which starts when you stop talking to the merchant. This means that you need to defeat the monsters as quickly as you can so that you can immediately report back to Tsarevich.

Option 2: Mountainside

If you select the option to go to the mountainside, the merchant will tell you the problem on this side of the mountain and go into the details of this task.

Fortunately for Tsarevich, the monsters do not have a good eye for value and do not touch the goods. There is a cargo of his that he had intended to transport back and sell on the mountainside.

But now, the roads have been blocked, and hilichurls have also occupied the place where he stored his cargo.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

The merchant also worries that those goods probably can’t be sold anymore with these roads being blocked.

The merchant also worries that those goods probably can’t be sold anymore with these roads being blocked. He wants you to clear the monsters out without touching his cargo. He added that the said boxes break easily.

Option 2 – Step 3: Defeat the hilichurls as Tsarevich (Mountainside) requested.

For this location, you need to follow the path to the north. 

Just before the path curves to the left, you will see a bunch of crates, wood items, and barrels on the right side of the path. These are the cargo owned by Tsarevich, and among them are hilichurls.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Remember that the instruction for the task is to defeat the monsters without damaging any of the cargo. So, the best trick here is to alert the monsters and run to a spot far from the cargo.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

The spot should be far enough to fight and not have them return to the cargo.

Option 3: Mountaintop

If you choose to clean up the third and last location, the top of the mountain, Tsarevich will tell you that he used to go to this spot to relax, but now he dares not even venture close. The merchant will also warn you that monsters in this area are the hardest to deal with.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Tsarevich’s instructions for this location are as follows: 

Remember that the big blockhead with the axe has to go first. Watching him walk around all full of himself just makes my blood boil. Then there’s the one that waves its big shield around in your face. What an eyesore… finally, you want to take out those with the long staves… What do they call them, again? Samachurls? Either way, they don’t look so tough… In any case, get rid of them all. Get them out of my sight.

The exact spot is right up the cliff where the merchant is standing. You can climb up the cliff wall and make your way south or teleport to the camp at the foot of Dragonspine and then walk north to the marked location.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Option 3 – Step 3: Defeat the hilichurls as requested by Tsarevich (Mountaintop).

Based on Tsarevich’s instructions, the first monster you need to defeat is the Axe Mitachurl, then the Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl, and save the Samachurl for last.

You have to take note of this order, or Tsarevich will not be satisfied with your work.

Step 4: Report back to Tsarevich.

If you followed the instructions that the merchant specified in completing the task, he will be impressed and give you 5,000 Mora, saying the Snezhnayan merchants always deliver as promised.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

When Paimon pointed out the money was too little, Tsarevich suddenly became agitated and told you both not to get picky. He also claimed that he calculated the remuneration carefully, which is commensurate with the work.

However, if you complete the task but fail to follow the instructions perfectly, Tsarevich will only give you 1,000 Mora and question your expectations for a job done like that. He will assert that this is the pay you deserve!

Tsarevich will end the discussion with a saying that one must do great things to earn great rewards. The merchant then promised that if you could meet again, you could try your luck.

The Reliable Helper Quest Completion Rewards

Aside from the Mora, you will get depending on how you complete the tasks, you will also get the following rewards:

  • Primogems: 10
  • Adventure EXP: 175 – 250
  • Mora: 1,850 – 6,850
  • Companionship EXP: 15 – 40
  • Enhancement Ores

After doing all three locations and following Tsarevich’s instructions carefully, you will unlock the achievement “Perfectionist.”

A screenshot of the Perfectionist achievement in Genshin Impact
Perfectionist 002

How to Unlock the Perfectionist Achievement in Genshin Impact


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