Apex Legends Mobile: New Season “Cold Snap” Patch Notes


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Who turned on the Snow Machine?

Apex Legends Mobile: New Season

Time flies. Huh?

Only a month ago, Respawn Entertainment finally released Apex Legends Mobile to the general mobile gaming public. The exciting Battle Royale game has already broken sales records and landed a spot as one of the most downloaded apps on iOS.

And now, Respawn Entertainment has a whole new season worth of changes lined up that will add new content and implement gameplay improvements for their ever-growing battle royale game on mobile.

Cold Snap Update

For the new season called “Cold Snap,” the Apex Legends Mobile dev team has taken the community’s feedback and is already addressing some critical community-requested fixes such as:

  • Ranking System Improvements
  • Normal Match Leaver Bans
  • Matchmaking Optimizations
  • Performance and Ping Optimization for devices and servers

Two of the most notable changes that Respawn Entertainment is working on for Apex Legends Mobile are the removal of leaver match bans for Normal Matches and the performance and ping optimizations for all devices and servers.

Fans have already protested about the unreasonable leaver bans on Normal matches, which makes sense since there isn’t anything on the line when playing Normal Matches, and players could use a more casual game mode where they can jump in and out of the match without penalties.

On the other hand, while Apex Legends Mobile’s FPS performance is decent in-game, there is much to be desired with Apex Legends Mobile’s Ping and Server quality.

It’s nice to see Respawn Entertainment quickly addressing these apparent gameplay-related issues, as these issues tend to have the most impact in competitive shooters such as Apex Legends Mobile.


Respawn Entertainment has previously teased Loba to be part of the Apex Legends Mobile roster since the Teaser Trailer for the Official Release of Apex Legends Mobile – and now it’s finally official.

Fans who have previously played the PC or Console version of Apex Legends Mobile will be familiar with Loba’s gameplay and abilities. However, Respawn Entertainment has added a new “Illegal Trade” ability that will make PC and console players jealous.

The rest of her abilities remain the same for the most part:


Nearby Epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls.

Tactical: Burglars Best Friend

Teleport instantly by throwing your jump drive bracelet to a targeted location.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

Place a portable shop on the ground that instantly lets you and your allies loot the surrounding area.

Perks: Illegal Trade

You can loot your teammate’s banner from your Black Market.

The ability to loot her Squadmates’ banners through Black Market has been a long-time request (years, in fact.) by the PC and Console Apex Legends community. With the perk now added to Apex Legends Mobile, some PC and Console Apex fans will not be happy with the “unfair” treatment.

Legend Progression

We mentioned how Respawn Entertainment made Loba a little more exciting compared to her PC or Console counterpart, and it has everything to do with Legend Progression.

Through Legend Progression, players can unlock Loba legend progression perks such as the ability to gain extra loot from crates and, of course, the ability to loot her Squadmates’ banner through her Ultimate Ability, Black Market.

Limited Time Modes and Climatizer

Climatizer and Snow Grenades

The new Apex Legends Mobile season is built around a snowy theme, which is why the game’s most popular map – World’s Edge – is getting a random Climatizer effect that will cover parts of the map in snow throughout a match.

The Climatizer brings not just fluffy snow into World’s Edge but also special loot boxes that contain Diamond Pieces that players can collect and use to claim rare items from the Seasonal Shop in-game.

The devs have added a new throwable item in-game called the Snow Grenades. The new item slows and damages all enemies caught in its snowy explosion so you can have a snowball fight with other players on the map – albeit dangerous ones.

Shotguns and Snipers-only Game Mode

For a limited time, Respawn Entertainment has added a special Shotguns and Snipers-only Game Mode where players can fight in both extremes of the range spectrum in-game.

Seasonal Shop and Battle Pass

Seasonal Shop

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

As mentioned above, the snow effect that activates and deactivates around World’s Edge gives players a chance to collect Diamond Pieces, which they can use to exchange for rare items in the seasonal shop.

Skins include rare Below Zero-themed skins for various weapons in-game.

Battle Pass

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

For the Cold Snap update, Respawn Entertainment gives back to its loyal fanbase and will award 50 Syndicate Gold and 1 Syndicate pack to players who have purchased the Prime Time Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass in Season 1.

In addition, 800 Syndicate Gold will be given to players upon completion of the Cold Snap Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass by the end of the Cold Snap Season.

Bug Fixes

To round things off, Respawn Entertainment has completed the following Bug Fixes in-game:

  • Optimized Wraith’s base visuals
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to adjust the auto ammo pickup settings for the Peacekeeper
  • Adjusted several replicator spawn locations
  • Fixed spots on World’s Edge where players would get stuck or blocked on the terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirage players would experience lag when taking out a weapon after activating their Ultimate Ability.
  • Fixed the slow-down effect of Fade’s Ultimate Ability if he left the game.
  • Fixed Octane’s incorrect Voice Over callouts when using his jump pad.

Winter is Coming

Apex Legends’ Mobile Season 1 was a runaway success, and with the changes lined up for Season 1.5, things will only get even better for the ultra-popular battle royale game on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile’s New Season, “Cold Snap,” goes live on June 15th for iOS and Android.

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