Apex Legends Mobile: Olympus Map, Rampage LMG, Ash, and Revenant Leaks


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Apex Legends fans might soon get a taste of Olympus on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile: Olympus Map, Rampage LMG, Ash, and Revenant Leaks

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 might just be the biggest update to Apex Legends Mobile yet. A set of leaks point toward the arrival of fan-favorite map Olympus, the powerful Rampage LMG, and a familiar Legend in Revenant.

Welcome to Olympus

Apex Legends Mobile has been stuck with the same old Kings Canyon map ever since the game came out in May of 2022. While the map itself isn’t bad, it is far from what most fans consider their favorite map in Apex Legends.

That title belongs to Olympus, or at least that’s what a poll in the r/apexlegends subreddit suggested, which was quite baffling to some players since, just months prior to the creation of the poll, the same subreddit was flooded with Olympus hate posts.

Nevertheless, the high-tech floating utopia is coming to mobile, as recent leaks have suggested the arrival of Olympus on the small screen.

Resident Apex Legends Mobile leaker, Apex Mobile Leaks (@playapexmleaks on Twitter,) Tweeted a couple of images showing a complete overhead view of Olympus as well as a few first-person POV images of some locations on the map.

According to Apex Mobile Leaks, Olympus is currently being tested in Apex Legends Mobile in China, and the map is scheduled to arrive in Season 3.

This is great news for Apex Legends Mobile fans everywhere, as the addition of a new map will diversify gameplay and give players a chance to play Apex Legends Mobile exclusive Legends such as Fade and Rhapsody on a familiar map.

Rampage LMG

The Rampage LMG was long considered one of the best Light Machine Guns in Apex Legends. The full-automatic weapon utilizes Mythic Heavy Rounds and deals 28, 42, and 24 damage to the body, head, and legs, respectively. Whenever you start thinking those numbers are low, just remember that the Rampage fires at a rate of 300, giving it an effective DPS of 140.

The trick up its sleeve? A unique Revved Up mechanic that increases the fire rate of the Rampage by 30% for a minute and a half by consuming a Thermite Grenade.

This powerful weapon is reportedly coming to Apex Legends Mobile in Season 3 and will feature the same futuristic mechanical animations that players know and love from this weapon. We’ll have to wait and see what the mobile version of the Rampage LMG plays like in-game in comparison to Apex Legends HD’s Rampage LMG.

Incisive Instigator

Respawn Entertainment is known to release mobile-exclusive Legends – much to the jealousy of PC and console players. Since its release, there have been two mobile-exclusive Legends in Fade and Rhapsody, and all other Legend releases have been ports from the main game, the latest one being the Surveillance Expert in Crypto.

For Season 3, fans can expect yet another classic Legend to arrive on mobile. This time around, it will most likely be the Incisive Instigator, Ash.

In addition, the leak point toward a double-release, as gameplay clips for Revenant have also surfaced online.

Whether Respawn Entertainment releases both simultaneously or at different points in Season 3 is up in the air. Either way, Apex Legends fans on mobile will rejoice at the sight of two very familiar Legends making their way into the small screen.

One Step Ahead

So far, Apex Legends Mobile leaks have been more or less spot-on. Leakers have accurately predicted the arrival of Loba, Rhapsody, and Crypto in the past, making them a somewhat reliable source of early information for Apex Legends Mobile.

Nevertheless, leaks will always be just leaks, and it will always be best to wait for Respawn Entertainment’s official announcements to get a solid idea of what’s to come for Season 3 in Apex Legends Mobile.

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