Attack on Titans: The Types of Titans


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Attack on Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) is probably one of the best animes out there. Like many others, there are some characters you can’t but notice, and one very mysterious are the Titans. Titans are huge human-like beasts with a liking for human flesh. There are many things about them, and here you will get to know the types of Titan present in the anime. Read on!

Attack on Titans: The Types of Titans

Type of Titans in Attack Of Titans

There are three major groups of Titans. The grouping is done based on their sizes and abilities.

Pure Titans

pure titans attack of titans

Pure Titans are the most common one in the series. According to history, they are simply weapons of war. If you are up to date with the anime, you will know they are used as weapons by Eldians and Marleyans.

They are human-like, with heights ranging from 2m to 15m. They also have deformities in their physical attributes. The only special about them is their mindlessness. This is what made them very deadly since they mindlessly kill people. They are also deadly because they always come in sheer numbers and have an enormous amount of strength.

Examples of Titans under this group are Sonny, Varis, and Nile Dok.

Abnormal Titans

abnormal titans attack of titans

Abnormal Titans are like the pure Titans. However, they are different based on being more intelligent. For example, they are very calculative and unpredictable unlike pure Titans. Examples of Titans under these categories are Connie Springer’s mother, Dina Fritz, and Rod Reiss.

Nine Titans

nine titans aot

The nine Titans are the Subjects of Ymir. Unlike the other two groups, the nine Titans retain their intelligence and they can transform at will. Also, unlike the others, the nine Titans can direct their regeneration ability to a specific part of their body. The Nine Titans are:

Armored Titan

armored titan in aot

The armored Titan controller is Reiner, and it is the most powerful Titan when you only look at physical strength. This is because its skin protects him by acting as a shield. The Armored Titan was a dangerous enemy from the beginning. However, he later helped them fight against Eren in the last battle.

Attack Titan

attack titan aot

Eren is the controller of the Attack Titan and was the protagonist of the series. Using the power of the Attack Titan, he became an important member of the Survey Corps. However, because of the ability to see the future possessed by the Attack Titans, Eren later became the series antagonist. He would later use the Attack Titan to wreak havoc on the world.

Founding Titan

founding titan aot

The founding Titan is the most powerful of the nine titans and controlled by Frieda Fritz. Eren would later gain control the Founding Titan since his father passed it on to him. The Founding Titan can control all Eldians and Titans and direct them to do its bidding.

Beast Titan

beast titan aot

Beast Titan is the most cunning and calculative Titan in the entire series. However, he is the only Titan with little info about it. The reason for that is that its users Zeke and Tom, use their power differently. Zeke Fritz’s beast titan is very powerful, and we can attribute that to its Fritz lineage. Tom’s, however, is not much known because he is a reserved fellow.

War Hammer Titan

war hammer titan aot

The War Hammer Titan was only introduced in the fourth season trailer, although manga readers already know about it. It was controlled by the Tybur family even though there was a mystery on who the controller was. Eren later knew and ate the controller, thereby gaining its power.

Female Titan

female titan 1

Like Bertholdt and Reiner, Annie the Female Titan was the first main antagonist of the series. She could summon both pure and abnormal titans and used them to fight against her former comrades. When caught, she used her crystal ability to harden herself. She was later released but resolved not to fight. She is one of the nine titans whose power is not much known.

Colossal Titan

colossal titan aot

The colossal Titan is of enormous threat during the beginning of the series. Its controller Bertholdt could control steam and using it to kills its enemies. Even though it was powerful, by being that colossal, it is the slowest of them all.

Jaw Titan

jaw titan aot

The Jaw Titan is a very fast titan who only attacks its opponent with its teeth. Aside from that, not much is known about it. Other things known about it are its controllers, Marcel, Ymir, Porco, and Falco. Each controller used the Titan as they seem fit. However, in terms of power, it ranks lower than the others.

Cart Titan

cart titan aot

The Cart Titan is controlled by Pieck and is mainly used in carrying weapons. She is the only one of the nine titans who use more weapons than its Titan’s power. However, she is skilled with rescuing m and has saved her comrades multiple times.

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