Back 4 Blood: How To Destroy Nest Nodes


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Back 4 Blood really impressed me, and I’m sure most other non-fans of the zombie franchise. It’s typical with zombie games to expect a lot of similarities with other big-name games, but that is not the case with Back 4 Blood. The whole game is impressive and it has mechanics and objectives which add depth to the game and haven’t been seen before. A prime example of that is nest nodes. We’ll get into how to destroy these nest nodes down below.

Back 4 Blood: How To Destroy Nest Nodes

How To Destroy Nest Nodes – Back 4 Blood

While going through the whole campaign, at some point you’ll encounter these nodes. Basically, you have to destroy them if you want to move further down the story-line.

The reason why so many are having trouble destroying them is because most players don’t even know what they’re looking for. With that said, let’s see what exactly you should look for in the picture below:

how to destroy nest nodes back 4 blood

These are the so called ‘nest nodes’ that you need to destroy. After finding them, it is a simple task of shooting them or hitting them with your melee weapon.

IMPORTANT: The best method I’ve found to go about finding them is to follow the weird vines that come out of these nests. Each nest will have a couple of vines that extend somewhere around the map, so just follow them and it will lead you to the next nest.

I really don’t want to waste any bullets on them, so I just hit them with a manchette or something, I suggest you do the same as well.

Still, there might be some which will be incredibly difficult to reach, so just shoot them afar.

At the moment, ‘Bad Seeds’ seems to be the only quest which the objective is to destroy these. At least, that is the only mission I’m aware of, there might be more, let me know down below.

On top of that, there are quite a lot of nodes, and each nest will have a couple of vines that go out from it, so if you’re with a premade team, splitting up is the best bet.

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