Baldur’s Gate 3: Enclave Library Puzzle


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After successfully rescuing the druid Halsin, you will be very respected and praised along the druids, especially by Rath. Rath will give you the Rune of the Wolf as a thank-you for getting Halsin back.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Enclave Library Puzzle

However, most players have no idea what to use this rune for, or where they can find the cache. But once you understand the logic a bit, you will see that it’s a pretty straightforward puzzle.

Nonetheless, this is where to find the treasure cache and how to solve enclave library puzzle.

How to Solve Enclave Library Puzzle – Treasure Cache

rune of the wolf 1

At the druid chambers, there are a lot of monuments. These monuments are usually in the form of an animal, all in all there are four of them.

Big stone monuments of elk, bears, eagles, and wolves. All have a hidden cache beneath them, with elite potent gear. You will need to enter the Wolf cache to get this gear.

This is how to solve Enclave Library puzzle:

  1. Go to the Enclave Library. X: -437 Y: 20. Look at the reference picture: enclave library
  2. There will be four pillars arround the wolf monument. Find the emty socket, which is the one on the east side.
  3. Put in the Rune of the Wolf and activate it.
  4. The others will already have runes of the other animals.
  5. Activate bear.
  6. Activate elk.
  7. Activate eagle.
  8. The monument will decend and stairs will appear, go below.

That’s the puzzle. As I said, it’s pretty easy once you understand the logic of it. Once you are below, at the end of the room you will find a couple of chests which will have weapons and other loot.

There will also be a glaive on a table, be careful not to miss it. Good luck!

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