Baldur’s Gate 3: Removing the Parasite | Druid Halsin’s Location


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Removing the Parasite is a chapter one quest, but it is a pretty big one. It is not that difficult per se, but you will be doing it for quite some time.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Removing the Parasite | Druid Halsin’s Location

There will be a good number of objectives before you remove your parasite. One is rescuing druid Halsin from goblins. Players can’t seem to find him and often even miss him.

However, today we will tell you druid Halsin’s location in Baldur’s Gate 3 – Removing the Parasite.

Druid Halsin Location – Removing the Parasite

removing the parasite 1

You will get infected by the mind flayer parasite. You’ll search around and try to get this parasite out of your head.

Apparently, priestess Gut had a chance to help you, but he imprisoned many to watch them transform. Shortly after, priestess Gut passed away.

Your next chance is the leader of the druids – Halsin, who also is a great healer. However, he has been imprisoned by the goblins and you have to get him out.

This is druid Halsin’s location, and how to rescue him:

  1. When you get this objective go to the Goblin Camp. More precisely open these doors and get in: X:103 Y:-450druid halsin location
  2. Open the doors at X:339 Y:20: doors location
  3. Make your way down the staircase, and you will see three goblins.
  4. A cut-scene will start, you will see goblins throwing rocks on a bear. Try to reason with the goblins to release the bear.
  5. Nevertheless, chances are a fight will break-out between you and the goblins. The bear will manage to escape, and will help you fight the goblins. This bear is the druid Halsin.

He will be very impressed with your heroic acts, and offer to help you with the parasite. However, most likely you will first need to help him to rescue someone from the butchers. Good luck!

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