Baldur’s Gate 3: Finish the Masterwork Weapon | Sassur Tree Bark Location



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We all know that Baldur’s Gate 3 has gone overboard with the secret missions and interactions. But for an RPG like this, going overboard is not such a bad thing.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Finish the Masterwork Weapon | Sassur Tree Bark Location

There is a particular hidden quest called Finish the Masterwork Weapon, from which you can receive a very strong weapon of your choosing. But it is extremely hard to find Sassur Tree Bark, the quest’s main objective.

However, we are here to help, we will tell you the exact Sassur Tree Bark location!

Finish the Masterwork Weapon – Sassur Tree Bark Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get this challenging quest, you need to get the blueprints to the weapons which can be found in a forge in the Brighted Village. For more reference, look at the map:

brighted village 1

Keep in mind that you will need to lockpick the door of the forge to get in. Once you are in, walk forwards until you see two chests. Open them, and one should contain Highcliff’s blueprints.

After you read this document, the quest will be initiated.

Sussur Tree Bark location is in the Underdark of the Goblin Camp, at X: -22 Y: 144. However, to get there is extremely difficult. So, strap in as I tell you how to reach this location:

  1. Enter the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp – X: 104 Y: -454. More precisely, here: shattered sanctum goblin camp
  2. Travel to X: 261 Y: -21. Here you will have door, which you will need to open with a Priestess key. This is the door: priestess key door location
  3. Next, you will need to enter the Defiled Temple and travel to X: 438 Y: 68, and solve the Moon puzzle to open this door.
  4. Continue going down until you reach two staircases, ignore those and open the middle gate.
  5. Get to Ebonlake Grotto. X: 112 Y:124, climbe these mushrooms: ebonlake grotto location
  6. Enter Dread Hollow at X:1 Y:116.
  1. Progress downwards and find somewhere you can climb on the tree like this: X: -39 Y:-132
dread hollow
  1. Get to X: -22 Y: 144 on the tree. This is where you get the Sussur Tree Bark:
climb tree

In these locations it will be really hard to navigate, you’ll easily get frustrated. You will have to go on platforms, climb and declimb rocks, mushrooms, and trees.

After getting the Sussur Tree Bark, go back to the forge in Brighted Village. Next, go to the forge and light it up, use the air-blower too.

Put a Sussur Tree Bark in and click combine, the fire will turn blue. Now, add either a Greatsword, Sicle, or Dagger. Click combine, and that’s it.

Congratulations on your new powerful weapon! This quest is one of the most difficult missions in this game. Besides, in this guide I didn’t mention that there will be enemies when going to get the Tree Bark, but there will be. So, be careful!

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