How to Beat Patches in Elden Ring


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Elden Ring plays host to a myriad of characters. A mix of NPCs, merchants, hostiles, and bosses roam the game world, giving it that feeling of liveliness.

How to Beat Patches in Elden Ring

But what if there was a character that played more than one part? In comes Patches, an NPC, merchant, and boss in Elden Ring. The name might ring a bell if you’ve played any of FromSoftware’s previous titles, as he’s made appearances in many and is rather infamous in the Dark Souls franchise.

Patches Overview

After his cameos in other From Software’s titles, Patches is here to make your life miserable.

Patches, also known as Patches the Untethered, is an optional field boss. He’s relatively weak, slow, and small in stature, securing him a spot as one of the easiest Elden Ring bosses to defeat. Don’t let this deceive you, however, as you’ll still need a solid strategy to beat him, which is precisely what this guide will provide you with.

Health Bar: Patches will have, roughly, 1500 HP on your first playthrough.

Types of Damage: Patches deals Standard, Physical, and Magic Damage.

Weaknesses: Patches is weak to Lightning, Bleed, Frost, Scarlet Rot, and Poison.

Weapons: Patches wields a spear in his right hand and a shield in the other.

Parrying: Patches can be parried when attempting a close-range melee attack. Parrying his kick attack is especially effective, as it opens a large attacking window.

Elden Ring Patches’ Location: Patches can be found at the end of Murkwater Cave, just past the Highwayman bandits. Once you traverse the mist, you’ll have to open the chest and loot what’s inside of it to trigger the boss fight.


  • Acid Spraymist: Patches will take out a vial of acid spraymist and blow it in front of him, creating a large orange cloud around him. While getting caught in the orange cloud will not incur any damage, it will temporarily lower your physical attack power and greatly obstruct your vision.
  • Triple Spear Thrust: During this easy-to-evade attack, Patches will crouch low and gear up for three quick spear thrusts, which lock onto your character and follow it around.
  • Kick: If you get up close and personal to Patches, he’ll react by kicking you. It’s a short-range attack that’s easily avoidable. However, it’s highly unrecommended to block this attack with your shield, as it will break your stance, leaving you vulnerable to an attack.
  • Jumping Spear Thrust: Using this attack, Patches cuts the distance between him and yourself by leaping forwards and stabbing his Spear downwards. It should be relatively easy to avoid by dodging sideways or forwards.
  • Charged Thrust: While notable in damage, this attack is rather ineffective because of the long-winded charge-up before the move is performed. In this attack, Patches pulls his spear back and hangs it low before thrusting it forward.
  • Overhand Thrust: This move is similar to the charged thrust, in the sense that it too suffers from a lengthy wind-up. But instead of a forward thrust, Patches performs an overhead thrust.

Pre-fight Preparation

patches in Elden Ring
Go lightweight against Patches as you’ll be doing plenty of moving around.

Defeating Patches is a fairly undemanding task, requiring no extensive preparation or any special weapons or casts.

Our only advice would be for melee players to equip a lightweight weapon.

Considering Patches’ laughably low HP and the fact that he’ll surrender halfway through the fight, dealing heavy damage with cumbersome to hold weapons should not be a priority. Instead, you should opt for a lightweight sword or dagger, for quick attacks between dodging and blocking Patches’ spear attacks.

Fighting Strategy

Elden Ring Patches
The fighting strategy varies drastically, depending on your build.

Should You Spare Patches’ Life or Kill Him?

Midway through the fight, Patches will yield and plead for his life. He’ll duck under his shield and shout: “I surrender!”. Letting Patches live will lead to him opening up a secret shop, from which you’ll be able to buy Margit’s Shackles, a valuable item that can aid you in many fights to come, especially against Margit.

If you choose to finish him off, however, you’ll receive a number of items, the most impressive of which is a Spear+7.

For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend that you let Patches live.

Melee Players

Block, Counter, Dodge Away

Patches’ slow and telegraphed attacks make blocking effortless. With each block, you’ll be granted a long open window for a counter, which you should capitalize on, then retreat before Patches can retaliate. Rinse and repeat this tactic until Patches surrenders.

Keep An Eye on Patches’ Acid Spraymist Attack

As soon as you notice the start of Patches’ Acid Spraymist attack, circle your way around his back and perform a devastating backstab with your weapon of choice. This move will chop off a large section of Patches’ health bar, edging him ever closer to his eventual surrender.

Magic and Ranged Players

Maintain Constant Movement

While keeping your distance, you should keep circling around Patches and anticipate any openings. As most of his attacks have limited range, you should be safe from sustaining any damage, as long as you maintain good distance and constant movement.

Keep An Eye on His Shield

Patches can effortlessly block your incoming projectiles and casts using his shield. Refrain from shooting at Patches, unless his shield is down. Otherwise, you’re free to fully unleash your casts and projectiles on him.

Lock Onto Patches During His Acid Spraymist Attack

Since Patches’ Acid Spraymist attack will greatly hamper your visibility, locking onto him will let you know exactly where he is and position him in the center of your screen, allowing you to shoot at him, despite not being able to see him.


Your rewards will vary depending on your choice concerning Patches’ plea for his life. Should you choose to end his life, you’ll be entitled to these rewards:

  • 800 Runes
  • Patches’ very own spear
  • Leather armor, gloves, and boots

If you kill him after accepting his surrender or during your later encounter in Shaded Castle, you’ll get the following items:

  • x2 Golden Rune [1]
  • Spear +7
  • Leather armor, gloves, and boots
  • Patches’ Bell Bearing

Should you choose to spare his life, you’ll be awarded the following:

  • Two Golden Rune [1]
  • A Grovel for Mercy gesture

But more importantly, letting Patches live will allow him to open up his secret shop, which will prove to be extra handy for you, later down the line.

With the knowledge you’ve just been bequeathed, you can now embark on your battle with Patches, knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. We’re certain you’ll breeze past Patches with ease.

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