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Elden Ring hosts several unique bosses and enemies, each classified into a certain class. Bosses range from Shardbearers, Legends, Dragons, Greats, Evergoals, and normal bosses.

How to Beat Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring

Regal Ancestor Spirit is a Legend boss that instantly instills fear into the eyes of its enemies, owing to its ridiculous size and nightmarish features, as it towers over its enemies and makes unpleasant noises. Despite all of that, beating it is a mere formality as long as you deploy the right strategies.

Regal Ancestor Spirit Overview

The Regal Ancestor
The Regal Ancestor Spirit exists as a phenomenon beyond the purview of the Erdtree.

At first glance, Regal Ancestor Spirit looks like a giant deer, but as you take a closer look, you will notice that it is hollow and slender, resembling a carcass rather than a live animal. An ancestral spirit lives on beyond its death, hence the carcass-like body.

Weaknesses: Regal Ancestor Spirit is weak to Slash, Fire, and Holy damage.

Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit’s Location: Regal Ancestor Spirit can be found in an isolated arena in Hallowhorn Grounds in Nokron, Eternal City.

Quick tip, reaching this boss fight is much easier with the aid of torrent.

Head west from the Fort Haight West site of grace and descend the cliffs until you reach a cave. Traverse the cave and drop down the hole on the other side. Descend two more times and stick to the left-hand side. 

Keep on the ledge on the left and exit through the window and into Nokron, Eternal City. Head northeast while jumping from building to building until you reach a toppled-down tower. Run across the tower and jump onto the building it is leaning on. 

Descend to the balcony and take the big window on your left. Descend the cliff and enter the big door, then exit from the door on the right.

Keep going east until you find a set of stairs. Descend the stairs and go right. Follow the pathway into the abandoned structure, then head up the stairs on the left and into another similar structure. Once you exit the structure, jump off the broken bridge. You will now need to light up six Obelisks to access the Regal Ancestor Spirit.

Here are the locations of each Obelisk tower, as well as a map to better visualize their exact locations:

Obelisk tower
Obelisk tower locations.
  • The first pillar is by the cliff’s edge, directly in front of the broken section of the bridge.
  • The second pillar is by the side of the brick road.
  • The third pillar is up on the ledge next to the brick road with an Ancestral Follower singing by it.
  • The fourth pillar is beside a large rock.
  • The fifth pillar is by the cliff’s edge, next to submerged ruins and guarded by Giant Rats and chanting Ancestral Followers.
  • The sixth pillar is behind a deer carcass in a ruin beside the Hallowhorn Grounds.

Once all six towers are lit up, head directly east until you reach Hallowhorn Grounds, then touch the horned remains to be teleported to the boss fight.

Pre-fight Preparation

The Regal Ancestor boss in Elden Ring
The Regal Ancestor Spirit will siphon health from the spirit animals in the arena and your summoned spirit ashes.

You must know what to expect from the boss and prepare for it accordingly before embarking on the boss fight. Here are our tips for the best pre-flight preparation:

What level should I be for regal ancestor spirit?

Regal Ancestor Spirit is a fairly difficult boss to beat, especially considering the timing of its encounter. You should reach at least level 60 before embarking on this boss fight and try to level up your weapons to around level 12 at a minimum.

Equip a 100% physical block shield

While blocking against the Spirit is highly unadvised, a decent shield will come in handy in a last chance saloon situation.

Do beware that against the boss’ more powerful attacks, blocking will likely break your guard and almost fully deplete your stamina bar, even when successful.

Casters should use charged high-damaging spells. 

Capitalize on the Spirit’s long attack animations and excessive teleports by using that idle time to charge up a heavy attack with your high-damaging spells.

Spells such as Loretta’s Great bow and Comet Azur are ideal for this boss fight, as every extra bit of damage counts due to the boss’s ability to regenerate its health bar.

You can also use Night Maiden’s Mist if you have it, as it will allow you to make the most of the Spirit’s idle moments. 

Loretta’s Great bow can be obtained after defeating the Royal Knight Loretta, and Comet Azur can be acquired from Primeval Sorcerer Azur sitting near the cliffs northeast of Hermit Village.

Level up your weapons as much as possible

During this boss fight, you will be battling against the boss’ health regeneration and trying to incur more damage than the Spirit can regenerate.

The more powerful and higher level your weapon is, the easier it will be to negate the Spirit’s health regeneration.

Summon spirit ashes at your own risk

Like any boss fight, spirit ashes can help distract and damage the boss alongside you. However, against the Regal Ancestor Spirit, spirit ashes can backfire heavily, as the boss can siphon HP out of them.

For us, it is a risk not worth taking, as it will make the boss’ health regeneration more overpowered than it already is. But, it is up to you.

Casters should bring plenty of blue flask charges.

This boss fight will be lengthy and trying. It will drain your stamina, FP, and even your health bar. The more flasks and flask charges you have, the easier it will be to manage the boss fight and remain in control of the pace.

Fight Strategy

The Regal Ancestor fight
This boss fight requires a lot of micromanagement to stay ahead of the Regal Ancestor Spirit.

It is crunch time. You must now conjure up a plan of action on the fly and stick to it for the duration of the boss fight, so here goes.

How many times does the regal ancestor spirit heal?

The Regal Ancestor Spirit will heal numerous times during the boss fight. The heals will progressively decrease in effectiveness and regenerate less health overall.

The caveat, however, is that with every heal, the boss’ attacks become stronger and sometimes even unlock new moves, so it would be best if you try to limit the number of heals.

Stay under the boss

Staying under the boss and next to its hind legs will put you in a prime position to strike and keep you safe from most of the boss’ attacks, as most of them will overshoot you.

However, refrain from standing directly behind its hind legs, as it can perform a back kick that deals significant damage and knocks you down in the process.

Resort to your shield if need be

Dodging and rolling should be your go-to for this boss fight. That being said, you might find yourself in awkward situations that call for a shield block. 

Due to the volatility and chaotic nature of the Regal Ancestor Spirit, you might not always know when to time your dodges or which way to dodge. 

Situations like that call for a block, as it’s less likely to result in any grave consequences than dodging and hoping for the best.

Watch out for the boss’ charging attack.

The boss’s most dangerous attack is its charged-up “goat” roll, where it charges at you with its antlers dug into the ground. This attack can easily catch you off guard and chop off a large chunk of your health bar.

Try to anticipate it and react to it as soon as it starts. If you catch it early on, you can run to the side and out of its way. If not, your best bet is to block it with your shield.

The single worst thing that you can do during this attack is panic. You need to be concise and decisive. Once you make a decision, stick to it.

Maintain a constant stream of attacks

The more times the Regal Ancestor Spirit heals, the more potent its attacks will be. The more aggressive you are, the shorter the fight will be and the less likely for the boss to outlast your attacks by healing.

Take advantage of the boss’s lengthy attack animations and large hitbox by executing several heavy attacks that deal with immense damage quickly.

Capitalize on the boss’ stationary moments

Throughout the boss fight, there will be several instances where the boss sits idly to charge up an attack, heal, teleport, etc.

You should capitalize on these instances by attacking the boss while idle by charging up your spells for more damage, using your flasks to regenerate your vitals, or simply regaining your breath. 

Please note that standing close to the boss while heals will incur some damage, so assess your risk to reward meter and act accordingly.

Spam your spells if you’re a caster

Unsurprisingly, this boss fight is exceedingly more difficult for ranged players, as they can not stay in the melee range of the boss for long, and their casts tend to do less damage over an extended period of time.

During this boss fight for ranged players, the biggest challenge is the health regeneration, which will be a real challenge to negate. Your best bet is to spam your casts whenever the boss is healing or once it has healed.

You will have a considerably lengthy window during and after the boss’s health regeneration. Capitalize on it.

Keep an eye on your vitals.

The Regal Ancestor Spirit will rapidly drain your FP, stamina, and HP if you are not careful.

You must properly manage your vitals and restore them in a timely and safe manner to avoid being forced into disadvantageous situations.

Don’t simultaneously attack alongside your spirit ashes

If you summoned spirit ashes for this boss fight, refrain from engaging with the boss while they are receiving aggro from it, as the boss’s wide attacks will likely hit you.

Do not underestimate the reach of the boss’ attacks and lean on the side of caution. 


To reward you for your efforts, you will receive the following items after defeating the Regal Ancestor Spirit:

  • 24,000 Runes
  • Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor

What does Remembrance of the regal ancestor give you?

The Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor is a consumable item that can be handed to Enia in Roundtable Hold to unlock its power and use it to obtain a Winged Greathorn or an Ancestral Spirit’s Horn.

Alternatively, you can trade it in for 30,000 Runes.

All there is to it, folks, all you need to do to outplay and defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit is follow and apply the previously mentioned strategies and tips and put your knowledge of the boss fight to the test. So, with our blessings, go forth dungeon wanderer, good luck, and happy dungeoning!

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