How to Beat the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact



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New region updates in Genshin Impact are not complete without new bosses you can fight and grind materials from—or challenge.

How to Beat the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact

In Seirai Island—the region in Inazuma that an ever-going lightning storm has engulfed—there inhabits an Electro elemental being called the Thunder Manifestation. This creature is believed to have been formed from the remnants of the powers of the Great Thunderbird after it was slain and sealed by the Raiden Shogun.

To Unlock the Thunder Manifestation, you need to complete a world quest series titled Seirai Stormchasers. This quest will unlock the region and unlock teleport waypoints that will give you easy access to this boss.

The Thunder Manifestation is located in Amakumo Peak of Seirai Island on a floating piece of land way above the Electro water lake. This serves as the monster’s nest and the battle arena if you decide to challenge this Electro being.

Boss Mechanics

Once you enter the Thunder Manifestation’s lair, the area will have a barrier around so you cannot get off the floating island. That is unless you open the map and teleport to a waypoint.

A rage meter also exists below the boss’s HP bar, which, when full, will make the Thunder Manifestation enter its rage mode.

Pre-Rage State Attacks

The monster will then shoot 5 Strike Probes that will pulsate in its area, which is the monster’s way of detecting an intruder. The area right below the Thunder Manifestation will also have the same pulse.

Two successive Lightning Strikes will follow the casting of the probes. These things can be easily dodged if you look out for the markings on the ground.

Getting hit by lightning will only deal damage to you, but getting inside the Strike Probes’ AOE will get you marked. When this happens, the Thunder Manifestation’s rage meter will increase.

Rage State Attacks

Even if you have avoided getting detected by the Thunder Manifestation’s Strike Probes and attacking it from a distance, it will automatically enter its rage state when its HP gets reduced to 75%.

Marks Target

In this fight phase, a character will always be marked, and the Thunder Manifestation will attack that character.

Spinning Wing Slash

This move will start with the monster leaning back a little and stretching its wing behind to prepare for the attack. It will then spin towards you to hit with multiple attacks.

This can be easily dodged if you can see the preparation animation.

Electro Cage

The Thunder Manifestation will shoot an electro Laser to the sky, and the area where you are standing will be marked. An Electro Cage will then be summoned to that area.

This cage will follow you until it disappears, so make sure to keep a good distance before it starts moving and save stamina before it gets summoned so you can sprint away.

Electro Screens

These wall-like things will be summoned when the monster raises both of its wings above. The screens will appear on both sides and slowly close in to trap you and deal damage.

To avoid getting hit, you can either move towards the Thunder Manifestation or away from it, whichever direction is closer for you.

Electro Rush

For this move, the Thunder Manifestation will quickly fly up and back down and then dash towards your direction bringing strong lightning strikes along with it.

The ground will be marked to indicate the direction and AOE of this attack. Move away from the said mark to avoid getting hit by the attack.

Electro Daggers

Five electro daggers will be summoned in front of the monster. These things will then be thrown to you successively.

You can sprint away or time your dodges perfectly to avoid all five daggers.

Triple Lightning Strikes

The Thunder Manifestation will make a zigzag move to cast this attack, and then three round markings on the ground will appear. Lightning will then strike the marked areas. This will happen three times.

You need to be quick in moving away from the marked areas because right after the lightning strikes, the following marks will appear, followed by the next strikes.

General Suggestions

Since this boss is a pure Electro being, it is immune to attacks of the same element.

This enemy is also very agile and moves a lot around the battlefield. Thus, it is better to bring characters that can make ranged attacks, such as bow and catalyst users.

Always save stamina by only dodging and sprinting when needed. It is also recommended to have a healer and/or a shielder in your team for survival.

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