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The Best Buy return policy gets updated very frequently, and for some it’s hard to make out whether the store has product returns for video games, and similar products.

Best Buy Returning Games | Can You Return Games?

People have become increasingly frustrated with Best Buy, with most of them throwing wild and unproven accusations and reports. We can speak about the validity of these reports, but we took it upon ourselves to check out Best Buy’s return policy.

Let’s get into whether you can return games to Best Buy.

Return Games Bought from Best Buy

Thankfully, Best Buy accepts video game returns that have been brought back to the store or mailed before the return deadline expires.

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However, don’t get your hopes up just yet. Even though, this is possible, you won’t be refunded of the original amount you have paid for the video game.

Instead, you will be given an exact product of the one you have bought. This means even though you are dissatisfied with the product, you don’t get to be refunded.

Return Deadlines

The return deadlines vary based on which kind of Best Buy member you are. It was hard to make out the deadlines for games, but we slowly realized that they were put in the “Most Products” category.

Nonetheless, to be certain, make sure to ask your local store or contact them directly. For regular members there is a 15-day return period. Regular members, are regular customers.

My Best Buy Elite members have a 30-day period, while My Best Buy Elite Plus customers can return the product for up to 45 days from the day of the purchase.

Open and Unopened Video Games – Does it Make a Difference?

Unfortunately, even if you haven’t opened the video game you have purchased, you won’t get your money back.

You will still be given the exact item that you have bought, but not the same one, of course. Most entertainment products on Best Buy are actually on the same policy.

In other words, things like game guide sheets, music, books, movies, software, and similar products can only be returned to be switched for the exact product the customer has bought!

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