Best Client-side Only Mods for Lethal Company


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What are some great client-side mods for Lethal Company?

Best Client-side Only Mods for Lethal Company

Among Us may have gripped the gaming community in 2020, but now a new co-op sci-fi monster game is slowly getting some attention with Lethal Company.

Developed by Zeekerss, Lethal Company is a sci-fi horror game that puts you in the shoes of a space scrapper who goes around different abandoned moons looking for scrap to sell to “The Company.” With your team of four, you have to go around the terrain and look for anything of value, but the huge catch is that there are monsters afoot, and you and your team must tread carefully to ensure you survive and fulfill your quota.

Official Logo for Lethal Company

The game has been available for early access and has received sparkling reviews from players. Though Lethal Company is a bit lacking when it comes to the story, a lot of players have been commending it for its interesting gameplay loop and fun multiplayer, which honestly puts players in various precarious positions, just trying to fulfill their quota as they run away from different kinds of monsters.

Generally, the game has very low poly graphics, which gives it a very old-school vibe. Still, the audio and game design does a great job of instilling the thrill of horror in its players—not to mention they make for some great gameplay replays.

Lethal Company Mods

Though Lethal Company may be bare when it comes to its overall product, it does allow for some heavy modification, which is a good bonus for many PC players. Several mods exist for the game in which players can add all kinds of adjustments, from enhancing the graphics to adding more players to their game.

Some mods even enhance gameplay by adding more monsters or giving players a minimap to make things a bit easier. Lethal Company may be fine on its own, but mods are where many players like to have fun.

Gameplay still from Lethal Company

What are Client-Side Only Lethal Company Mods?

Essentially, there are two kinds of mods: Client-Side Mods and Server-Side Mods. Server-side mods are mods in the game that can affect an entire server and enhance the game for everyone (e.g., adding an extra player, making the game more difficult for everyone).

Client-side mods only affect one player (i.e., the client). These cosmetic adjustments include customized main menus, maps, or inventory tweaks.

Some mods crash when used on the server, but client-side mods will manage to play right for online or offline play because they only affect one player.

Gameplay still from Lethal Company

Best Client-Side Mods for Lethal Company

Depending on what you want from the game, several mods can be added to Lethal Company to enhance your experience. Here are some choice mods that have been getting great buzz from players online.

HDLethalCompany (by Sligili) – Lethal Company doesn’t have the most enhanced graphics, but it does add to the tone of its retro sci-fi horror game vibe. With the HDLethalCompany mod, additional graphics settings will be added to the game, enhancing the resolution and quality of some textures, including fog, not to mention anti-aliasing.

FlashlightToggle (by Renegades) – By design, Lethal Company makes it complicated to handle your inventory, forcing players to think fast and smart when holding items and running away from monsters. Naturally, having a light is an essential gameplay element, but it’s hard to access your flashlight when you’re holding an item.

To make things a bit easier, this FlashlightToggle mod will allow you to turn your flashlight on and off even when holding an item, saving you from the hassle of having to equip it to use it.

WalkieUse (by Renegades) – from the same author behind FlashlightToggle, this allows easy access to the Walkie Talkie in the game—another essential tool for survival that can’t be so easily accessed when holding an item.

Gameplay still from Lethal Company

Minimap (by Tyzeron) – Part of what gives Lethal Design its difficulty is the darkness and having to feel around the map. The Minimap mod makes it easier for players to know where they are in the game. Admittedly, some players say this eliminates a huge chunk of what makes the game exciting, but on the other hand, it allows all players to go out instead of forcing one player to stay inside the ship and wait for others.

LethalEscape (by xCeezy) – While many mods are created to make the game easier for players, this one will make things much harder. What the mod does is that it lets all the inside creatures in the game go outside so that players won’t be able to be safe even if they manage to leave a facility.

The mod is available only on the client side, but you can also play it server-side if you want to get messy with more people. It also needs this mod installed to be able to function as well.

Skinwalkers (by RugbugRedfern) – This mod adds to the creep factor in the game by having the monsters mimic your friends’ voices. This is client-side, so all players need to have it installed and their microphones on for the mod to gather what info it can to successfully copy a voice.

Mimics (by x753) – Speaking of mimics, Dungeons, and Dragons players are familiar with Mimics—monsters that pretend to be inanimate objects only to transform when players interact. This mod adds a hidden trap in the game, which will get at unsuspecting players who aren’t too careful.

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