The Best Decks For Beginners In Gods Unchained



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Gods Unchained is a free-to-play NFT game where your chances at winning are affected by the quality of cards you own and your skills. One of the challenging parts of the game isn’t fighting other players; it’s actually building a deck that’s good enough to sustain you through the fights you will be in.

The Best Decks For Beginners In Gods Unchained

Don’t be threatened by players who have been in the game for a long time – yes, you can win big and play well even with the free cards that you get from starting the game. So long as you have good deck-building skills, then it will be 100% easier for you to win more in this competitive NFT card game.

Aggro Decks

This type of deck is all about swarming your opponents with more minions than they can handle. This is a good deck to have, especially at the start of your Gods Unchained journey, because most new players can easily get overwhelmed if the field is stacked with cards. The goal of an aggro deck is to summon as many low-level cards as you can to deal as much damage as you could during a match.

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War and Death gods are the best when it comes to building an Aggro Deck. The Bombfly and Bladecaster cards are a good way to begin stacking up your playing field. With an Aggro Deck, most of your minions will be dying left and right, but that’s alright so long as they continue to deal damage to the enemy team first.

Control Decks

While Aggro Decks rely on swarming your opponent with what they can’t handle, Aggro Decks focus on strategic gameplay. As the name implies, control decks let you control the pace of the battle as much as you can. Control also means taking out the right cards of the opponent and making sure that they are the ones who are trying to catch up with the pace.

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The best gods for this type of deck are Light and Nature. They work particularly well with Lightning Strike, The Hunt, Wildfire, and Golden Sabre. As Control Decks are all about strategic gameplay, you’re going to have to carefully plan each of your moves with this type of deck. It takes practice to use it properly, but once you get your strategies right, you’ll be running through the competition easily.

Combo Decks

Combo decks are a mix of both Aggro and Control Decks. The goal of these decks is to implement a mix of both principles so that you can create a deck that can fit your playstyle. Combo Decks work well with War and Nature specifically. One of the best parts of this deck is that it allows you to become more resilient and dynamic during duels.

Aggro Decks can beat Combo Decks, usually. However, if you find the balance between strong and weak cards, you can subdue the early onslaught that Aggro Decks is known for. On the other hand, Combo Decks are excellent against Control Decks because of the counter you can make against a slow-burning strategy.

At the end of the day, the decks you should have in Gods Unchained is one that you should be comfortable with playing. Test out your decks as much as you can because even with a bad deck, you can win in Gods Unchained through pure strategy alone.

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