How to Activate the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact



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Dragonspine is a snow-capped mountain area located south of Mondstadt. Dragonspine has a special weather mechanic called Subzero Climate that will cause your character to suffer from Sheer Cold. When Sheer Cold reaches its limit, your character will start losing HP. This feature makes it hard for players to explore the area for the first time.

How to Activate the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Its entrance is a camp southwest of Windrise.


You can talk to an NPC named Iris to start the In the Mountain quest or just go to the area and explore.

Iris Camp

Locating the Statue of the Seven

This mountain area only has one Statue of Seven. You need to activate that statue in order to unlock the map. The next section will guide you through the area so you can reach the statue even without the map to help you navigate.

  1. From the camp, go to this broken bridge to enter the mountain area.
    bridge 1
  2. Follow the path until you reach this camp and go past it by going along the path to the right.
    camp to right path 1
  3. When you see the first Teleport Waypoint, go and activate it.
    waypoint Y path
  4. Follow the path, past the Frostbearing Tree, until you reach another fork. Choose the one on the right leading up the mountain.
    waypoint tree stairs
    y path stairs
  5. Go up this path, and you’ll reach yet another fork in the path. This time take the left one.
    2 stairs path
  6. Along the way you’ll see a Ruin Brazier which you can activate to give you heat and reduce your Sheer Cold. Looking ahead you’ll see a ruin and the Statue of the Seven above it.
    pillar lamp statue
  7. Just inside the ruin, to your left, is a stone path that leads up to the statue.
    inside ruin path
above ruin path
The view of the statue from the above the spiraling path
statue view
Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven

Please note that Sheer Cold can be eliminated by getting close to a fire or by using a Warming Bottle. You can also slow down its accumulation by eating a special dish called Delicious Goulash.


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