How To Beat Moving Heat Without Raising the Alarm in Cyberpunk 2077


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Learn how to beat Moving Heat without raising the alarm in Cyberpunk 2077!

How To Beat Moving Heat Without Raising the Alarm in Cyberpunk 2077

Phantom Liberty, the latest DLC expansion in the electrifying world of Cyberpunk 2077, is finally here. In this sprawling urban jungle of Night City, where danger lurks around every neon-lit corner, the new DLC brings a lot of new content to the futuristic world. In this new update and the other new missions, a new side job emerges to challenge even the most seasoned player: “Moving Heat.”

The player can aggressively complete this side job and clear “Moving Heat” while quiet. This guide will teach you how to beat the “Moving Heat” side job without raising the alarms. This guide is your essential companion to mastering the art of stealth in this’ side job in Phantom Liberty. With this, you can successfully navigate this thrilling mission and come out on top in the ever-evolving landscape of Night City.

How to Start Moving Heat

Unfortunately, the player can’t immediately attempt the “Moving Heat” side job. The player would only be able to start this side job almost to the end or right after the main campaign of Phantom Liberty. During this, the player will receive a message from Ashlay.

She will tell the player they have not met and dig to find the player. Ashlay will then introduce herself as a netrunner that Charon Exotics contracted. Then, because of what happened in the main campaign of Phantom Liberty, she will ask the player to break into a secure facility and steal a car.

After confirming with Ashlay, the player will receive the “Moving Heat” side job. Ashlay will ask the player to pursue this with stealth, which is what we will discuss. Besides, there are a lot of enemies in the facility to eliminate anyway.

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How to Beat Moving Heat Without Raising Alarms

The player must do the following to complete this side job without alerting and raising the alarms:

The Beginning 

A screen capture of Ashlay's messages at the beginning of the side job
Courtesy of Mick Saladin

First, follow the marker on the map that selects the side job pings. This is near the EBM Petrochem Stadium in the stadium east of Dogtown. The player can fast-travel to this to get near the marker.

After following the marker, Ashlay will instruct the player to reach a panel that will open the gate to the inner garage. She will also ask the player to hide from the guards. Then, she will get the elevator for the player. Before anything else, turn off the camera on top of the wall in the northern part of the room using Quickhacks

Then, when it arrives, enter the elevator northwest of the room. Inside the elevator, select the Garage on the panel on the right. The elevator will then start moving downwards.

The First Room

A screen capture of V sneaking behind a guard near the start of the 'Moving Heat' side job.
Courtesy of Mick Saladin

Once the elevator stops moving, the player will arrive in a room with five guards and four cameras. Once the elevator doors open, the player will immediately see a camera above a door on the right. This is just near the front of the elevator doors. The player must then turn off the camera using Quickhacks.

Additionally, The player must now crouch to have a better chance of undetected. It is also very recommended to use the player’s Optical Camo. This will help the player to stay undetected by the guards.

After that, while minding if there is a guard, pass through the doorway under the camera. Upon passing through the doorway, look up near the top of the wall on the left, and the player will see another camera there. Turn the camera off using Quickhacks.

Then, the player can find one guard just ahead and another inside the doorway on the right. The player can tag these guards always to keep track of them. If the guards notice the player, the player must move away, and the guards will lose interest shortly after. Also, the player can distract the guards by hacking electronics available in the room to direct their attention elsewhere.

Alternatively, the player can kill them individually by performing a takedown or shooting them in the head with a silenced firearm. Just ensure the other guards are not looking when you eliminate them.

The goal in this room is to reach the marker, which is a door, at the northwest of the room. Continue in the room, and the player will find another one of the cameras near the top of a pillar on the northern side of the room. The player must also turn this camera off using Quickhacks.

Next, there are three guards near this pillar. Two guards are on the right, and another stands in front of the door with the marker on the left. Eliminate these guards by performing takedowns or shooting them in the head with a silenced firearm.

After that, there is another camera above the doorway where the marker is. The player must also turn this camera off using Quickhacks.

Then, open the door with the marker to proceed to the next room. 

The Parking Garage

A screen capture of V sneaking on the truck in the 'Moving Heat' side job.
Courtesy of Mick-Saladin

After entering through the doorway, the player will arrive in the parking garage, and a truck will also come. Ashlay will tell the player to head to the back of the truck and climb up the container to ride it through the next checkpoint. However, many guards are walking around in the parking garage.

Because of that, it is important to take your time when approaching the truck. The player’s Optical Camo will also definitely help. Also, there is a turret on the right near a barrier which the player can use to distract the guards.

Once on the container on the back of the truck, the player must stay crouched so that the guards will not detect the player. While hitching on the back of the truck, the truck will pass through several guards and then towards another large doorway. On the ceiling near this doorway, a security turret will appear. The player must turn this turret off to not alert the guards using Quickhacks.

The Car

A screen capture of V sneaking towards the car in the 'Moving Heat ' side job.
Courtesy of Mick Saladin

Next, the doorway will open, and the truck, with the player riding on the back, will continue to pass through. This next sequence is a continuation of the parking garage with more guards. Halfway toward the marker, the player will find a camera near the top of a pillar on the left. Turn the camera off using Quickhacks.

Following that, the truck will park on the left, just adjacent to the marker, which is a car. Make sure to take your time before disembarking from the truck. This is because several guards will roam around the truck’s immediate area, including a van of guards.

Once the player drops down from the container of the truck, the player can take down some of the guards to make sneaking around easier. The player can do this by shooting them in the head with a silenced weapon or via a stealth takedown. It is important to note that there is a camera up the wall in the distance on the left side of the truck. Make sure to turn this camera off using Quickhacks.

After that, once ready and the coast is clear, slowly approach the car just behind the truck. The player may also find a guard near the car, so kill him without anyone noticing.

Next, the player must get inside the car. Ashlay will then ask the player to jack in under the steering wheel. Reply to her message, then, after a short while, wipe the car’s data logs on the prompt.

The Escape

A screen capture of V successfully escaping with the car in the 'Moving Heat' side job.
Courtesy of Mick Saladin

Once the wiping is completed, the player must drive the car and leave the area with it. To do that, the player must drive towards the previous doorway the truck used to enter the room. The player must drive the car slowly to avoid getting the guards’ attention in the room.

Then, upon reaching the doorway, it will automatically open to let the car through. Continue to drive slowly through the path. Near a barrier near the end of the path, a guard will instruct the player to stop the vehicle. So, stop moving, and after a short while, the guard will say that his scanner read-out bugged for a second. Then, the guard will lower the barrier, move away from the path, and let the player through.

Following that, continue to slowly drive through the path. The player must turn to the next path on the right with the blue lights. At the end of the path, turn right and continue on this path.

Finally, the player will complete the side job after leaving the area. You have now beaten ‘Moving Heat’ without raising any alarms!

After completing this side job, the player now owns the car, a Sport R-7 Charon, as a reward.


Patience is key to beating this side job without raising any alarm. There is a high chance that the guards will detect the player if the player moves quickly. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Also, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. In doing so, you can find if there are cameras nearby or electronics to distract the guards with. Also, with this, you can check if guards are roaming around or looking towards the player. As for guards, if you don’t plan on taking down every single one, it would be helpful to ping them. This is to see where they are situated easily.

The player’s Optical Camo would also prove useful in this mission. However, the player can only use this for a few seconds. It also has a cooldown of a little bit more than a minute. Because of that, only use the Optical Camo when necessary. This is so it will be available and not cool down when needed.

If you decide to take this side job with a lot of noise and gunfire, it is important to emphasize that the player must eliminate many guards. Then, when driving away with the car, the player would have to deal with even more guards.

There’s a Bug?

Several players online have reported several bugs when attempting to complete this side job. Some players say that wiping the data logs from the car does nothing. A few players reported that they didn’t receive the prompt that the “Moving Heat” was completed even after completing everything in the mission. Some players get stuck without updates and cannot complete the mission. In some cases, the NPCs disappear after completing the side job. Some of these players also say that the game isn’t fixed even after reloading the game.

To fix this bug, some players have also given their tried solutions. One recommended solution is reloading a saved file of previous checkpoints in the actual mission. Another recommended fix is to load a save file where the player has not received the mission yet. This is before Ashlay’s first message to the player. Also, players can try restarting the game altogether.

If the above fixes still don’t work, then here’s hoping it does get fixed in an update.


In Phantom Liberty, beating the “Moving Heat” side job without raising any alarms is a testament to your skill in stealth in the tumultuous world of Night City. As you’ve discovered through this guide, a meticulous approach, careful planning, and sharp instincts are your allies in achieving this victory. With each successful step taken in silence, you’ve demonstrated that, in Night City, where chaos reigns supreme, a whisper can be mightier than a shout.

So, continue to hone your skills, explore the ever-expanding cityscape, and remember that the shadows of Night City hold secrets that only the most cunning can unveil. Ultimately, it’s not just about finishing a mission; it’s about how you’ve crafted your legend amidst the neon glow and chaos of Night City and Dogtown.

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