Best Proof of Humanity Build for Lies of P


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Learn how to make the best Proof of Humanity Build in Lies of P!

Best Proof of Humanity Build for Lies of P

Lies of P, a soulslike game that Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio, features a dark and cruel retelling of the classic tale of Pinocchio. The game is set in a dark Belle Époque world where the player takes on the role of a mechanoid puppet named Pinocchio, or just P, in the city of Krat.

As P, the player must hack and slash his way into finding Gepetto and becoming human. P can use a lot of different weapons in Lies of P. A sword called Proof of Humanity is one of the most sought-after weapons in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss what we think is the best build for Proof of Humanity in the game. So, get ready to hack and slash a bunch of enemies using this new built-in Lies of P! Consider this your spoiler alert for some story details!

Best Proof of Humanity Build

The best, or at least recommended, build if you want to use the Proof of Humanity is a Quality build. The stats are split between strength, Motivity, dexterity, and Technique. While the player levels up, these stats are also equally, or relatively equally, improved.

This weapon is special because when the player executes heavy, heavily charged, and running attacks, the weapon will change to dual-wield. It also has a higher chance of dealing more damage because of one of its Fable Arts.

The following are the recommended stats with the Proof of Humanity in Lies of P:

VitalityAt least 40
VigorAt least 20
CapacityAt least 35

As the Proof of Humanity is a weapon the player can get in the late game, the player can use it in a New Game + run. In most instances, playing in New Game + enables players to restart the main story of the game while retaining certain elements from their previous run.

In New Game +, the player will carry over the Player Level, Unlocked Skills, Discovered Items, Resources, Equipment, and more. Because you will probably use this build in a New Game + run, it can be easy to get to these stats.

Also, the Proof of Humanity is heavier than other weapons in the game. So, if you plan on equipping other heavy items, raising P’s Capacity stat is recommended.

Legion Arms

The recommended Legion Arms to pair with the Proof of Humanity is the Aegis. This Legion Arm allows the player to block attacks from the enemy while also dealing damage as it explodes.

The Aegis Legion Arm has a Motivity rating of B, a Technique rating of B, and an Advance rating of D. This Legion Arm also has a Weight of 12.4.

Aside from the Aegis, the player can also use the Fulminis Legion Arm. This Legion Arm accumulates strong electricity, amassing an Electric Blitz and releasing an electric shock.

This Legion Arm has a Motivity rating of B, a Technique rating of D, and an Advance rating of B. The Fulminis Legion Arm is also lighter than Aegis with a Weight of 7.9.


There are a lot of Amulets that the player can equip for this build. The recommended Amulets are the following:

Arm of God AmuletThis Amulet boosts the maximum amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion the player has. The effects of this Amulet also increase in succeeding New Game + runs until New Game ++.9.3
Assassin’s AmuletThis Amulet boosts the player’s Critical Hit Damage by up to 25%2.8
Blue Guardianship AmuletThis Amulet boosts the maximum amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion that the player has. The effects of this Amulet also increase in succeeding New Game + runs until New Game ++.1.7
(2.4 for New Game + and 3.4 in New Game ++)
Extreme Modification AmuletThis Amulet increases the weapon’s attack in proportion to the player’s active number of Fable Slots. With each filled Fable slot, the added damage grows incrementally. With 5 Fable slots filled, the damage bonus is +20%.9.3
Ghost Walk AmuletThis Amulet makes the Fury Attack Dodge available.14.9
Iron Wall Amulet This Amulet boosts the Physical Damage Reduction rate.3.4
Patience AmuletThis Amulet boosts the player’s Stamina recovery speed.2.7

Additionally, the player can also equip either of the following Amulets depending on the enemies you are about to face:

Puppet Destroyer’s AmuletThis Amulet boosts the damage the player deals on puppets by 10%.2.0
Murderer Puppet’s AmuletThis Amulet boosts the damage the player deals on humans.2.0
Carcass Butcher’s AmuletThis Amulet boosts the damage the player deals on Carcasses by 10%.2.0


In terms of Grindstones, it is recommended that the player has the Satisfaction Grindstone paired with the Grinder.

The Satisfaction Grindstone briefly boosts the Critical Hit rate of the player’s weapon. This is paired with the Grinder, which can repair a weapon’s Durability.

Proof of Humanity

A screenshot of the Proof of Humanity weapon in P's Items.
Courtesy of CadimaGamingPlace

According to in-game lore, the Proof of Humanity is a massive scissor blade that the Nameless Puppet wields. It is a two-edged blade that can either end a person’s freedom or provide it through severing the strings of control.

The Proof of Humanity is one of the special weapons the player can find in the game. This weapon is a sword with a durability of 84 and a weight of 20.5. This sword has a Slash Attack Type with a “=” icon. This means this weapon deals much Slash damage and is its primary Attack type. It also has a Stab Attack Type with a “-” icon. This means that this sword has 0 attack that inflicts Stab damage.

For its Attack Abilities, it is graded B for Motivity, B for technique, and none for Advance. The Proof of Humanity has 101 Physical ATK, 11.30 for Charge Pulse Cells, and 520 for Fable Charge.

The Proof of Humanity also has a Block Ability. When blocking using this weapon, it has a 64.15 chance of reducing the damage.

The Proof of Humanity has two Fable Arts: Link Slash and Grind. Link Slash is an Attack-type Fable Art allowing the player to slash the enemy right before P. This utilizes an extra Fable slot to slash three more times. The Link Slash Fable Art costs one Fable charge. Grind, on the other hand, is a Utility type of Fable Art that temporarily boosts the Critical Hit Chance of the player. The Grind Fable Art also costs one Fable charge. The weapon’s main feature is that its attacks resemble cross slashes and whirling cyclones. As a result, the player will spin around when striking enemies with the Critical Hit Chance boosted from the Grind Fable Art.

How to Get the Proof of Humanity

The player can only get the Proof of Humanity later in the game. The player must defeat the Nameless Puppet to get the Proof of Humanity. In doing so, the player can get the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo. The player must trade this item with Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat to get the Proof of Humanity!

Nameless Puppet

A screenshot of the Nameless Puppet about to face P.
Courtesy of SHiNWiN

In Lies of P, the Nameless Puppet is one of the bosses the player will encounter. Geppetto is the one who created the Nameless Puppet, and it is the final one P will encounter. To penalize P for his mischief, Gepetto utilizes the Nameless Puppet. After defeating the Nameless Puppet, the player will unlock “The First Puppet” achievement.

The player may get different endings depending on the player’s decisions. To encounter the Nameless Puppet, the player must pursue the “Free from the Puppet String” and the “Rise of P” endings. Because of that, even though the Nameless Puppet is Lies of P’s final boss, it is also optional.

The player will face the Nameless Puppet under the Abyss if Gepetto wants to punish P for his mischievous actions. When prompted, the player can avoid facing the Nameless Puppet by granting Geppetto the heart. 

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How to Face the Nameless Puppet

As mentioned above, the player must pursue the “Rise of P” and the “Free from the Puppet String” endings to face the Nameless Puppet. The player can do the following to get to these endings:

Rise of P

The “Rise of P” ending is the ending that most players experience in their initial playthrough. After overcoming Simon Manus, the player will encounter Geppetto. He will offer to turn P into a real boy in exchange for P’s heart. The player has to decline to give Geppetto the heart to get this ending. Geppetto will pull the Nameless Puppet from his box and activate him. The player will then face the Nameless Puppet.

Free From The Puppet String

The player must make certain decisions during the game to experience this ending. To accomplish this, the player must always choose to tell the truth when the options appear.

The player will meet Sophia after beating Laxasia the Complete in Arche Abbey. The player has two options: give her peace or let her live. Let her live to receive; the player will get the ‘Free from the Puppet String’ ending.

Tell Simon Malus that you freed Sophia later when the player faces him. When you meet Geppetto after his death, and he requests for your heart, decline again, similar to the other ending. This denial results in the Nameless Puppet fight with a result like the “Rise of P” ending.


The following are the moves that the Nameless Puppet will perform:

  • Swing – The Nameless Puppet will swing its sword regularly.
  • Double Swing – This boss will swing at the player twice.
  • Uppercut Swing – The Nameless Puppet will use its sword to slice from the bottom upwards.
  • Jump Attack – The Nameless Puppet will jump slightly before swinging down with its sword.
  • Sword Thrust – This boss will thrust its sword forward like a stab.

In the second phase of the battle, the Nameless Puppet will additionally execute the following attacks:

  • Propel Double Sword Attack – The Nameless Puppet will spin around with its sword forward while charging at the player.
  • Overhead Fury Attack – This fury attack involves the Nameless Puppet executing a swing over its head that can project forward.
  • Thrust Beam – The Nameless Puppet will thrust its sword forward like a stab that now projects forward and becomes a directional ranged attack.
  • Jump Area of Effect – The Nameless Puppet will jump up and land with a large blast.
  • Double Sword Sweep – This boss’ swords will sweep from within and outwards.
  • Double Sword Jump Slash – The Nameless Puppet will use its swords to attack upwards. This will throw the Nameless Puppet up in the air and then strike from overhead.
  • Charge Dash Attack – This boss will execute a quick dash and a charging crouch. If hit, the attack can knock the player over.
  • Extended Sword Swing – This attack is similar to its regular swing attack, but its range is greater.

Behavior and Strategy

The Nameless Puppet is armed with a long blade. It will start the combat with its weapon drawn back, ready to swing. The Nameless Puppet will continue to sprint toward the player until it is close enough to strike at the player. It will repeatedly perform its melee attacks.

The Nameless Puppet will execute various swinging and slashing attacks as the fight progresses. The player will be able to parry or block these attacks. Wait until the entire attack has played out before letting down your guard and preparing to attack. 

This boss will keep approaching similarly. If the player stays too far away, the Nameless Puppet can run towards the player and attack quickly. Attack the Nameless Puppet quickly while also blocking. Do not let it any opportunities because the Nameless Puppet may also be able to regain some health.

If it begins to heal, execute a charged attack as soon as possible. Ideally, it will allow the player to follow up with a Fatal Attack. Then, the second phase will begin after the player has depleted a health bar. 

The Nameless Puppet’s assaults will be cranked up in the second phase, and this boss can move considerably faster. This boss will now carry a pair of swords capable of various fast assaults. Based on the strike, the Nameless Puppet can combine and utilize them to stab into a single sword.

The Nameless Puppet will rush at the player using the double blade, and his Fury Attacks can now longer range. Due to the speed of this boss’ attacks, the player might have to concentrate on smaller rapid attack combinations rather than inflicting damage using a charged strike.

The player should move out of this boss’ path if you see it crouching like it is preparing to dash. The player will be knocked down following this strike. Try to go around behind him as much as possible. If the player maintains this, the player is safer from being hit by Nameless Puppet’s direction attacks. 

This boss’ melee attacks now also have boosted power and range. This allows the Nameless Puppet’s attacks to project beyond its immediate area. Make sure to make space when it jumps because this boss will execute an Area of Effect attack.

The Nameless Puppet will also utilize his double swords to make windmill-spinning attacks. Prepare to move accordingly to the constant barrage of attacks. This boss will also distance itself from the player, so the player must keep attacking as you go forward. The player can back this boss towards a corner to keep him from moving a lot. 


The Proof of Humanity is arguably one of the best weapons in Lies of P.  Even if you don’t think it matches your play style, the Proof of Humanity weapon with the above build is still a must-try. Also, it is important to emphasize that you can use this build for Proof of Humanity as a baseline.

You can still experiment with different stats, Legion Arms, and items. In other words, experiment until you arrive at a build that suits how you want to play the game. With that, you can complete a couple of runs in no time.

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