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One of the most frustrating things as a gamer is suffering from high latency, low framerate, or packet loss. All of the things mentioned before won’t allow you to fully enjoy the game, no matter how good it is.

Best Optimization For Chivalry 2

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem and it doesn’t involve upgrading your PC. Sometimes, few adjustments and system tweaks can make your game run smoothly.

Chivalry 2: Best Optimization

When it comes to Chivalry, the game uses a real-time swing system, which is very sensitive to packet loss to latency (ping). Such things may result in getting hit when the opponent is not swinging at you or you see people glitching around the map.

Chivalry is a game that is developed on Unreal Engine 3 and it is important to understand that it runs on 2 CPU cores. This means that the game only runs on one of those cores, rather than balancing between multiple cores. That’s why an older CPU with fewer cores and higher clock speed will outperform the latest CPU with many cores running on low speed.

Optimal Gaming Performance

If you want a smooth gaming experience you should aim for:

  • Ping/latency less than 100. (you can check it on the Scoreboard by holding Tab)
  • Packet loss less than 3. (can be viewed by pressing Escape > Playerlist)

If your numbers are higher than acceptable, don’t worry there are a couple of ways you can optimize the game and have a smoother experience.

Best Optimization for Chivarly 2

Let’s go through some of the settings and find out how to optimize the game and avoid these frustrating issues.

1. Internet Connection

First of all, make sure that you are using a cable instead of Wifi. This will significantly reduce your packet loss and improve your overall gaming experience.

2. Server Filter

It is important to set your Chivalry Server filter to show servers that are <100 ms. You should aim at servers that are less than 100ms just so you can have a lower ping.

3. Low FPS

If you are experiencing low FPS there are few things you should check. In order to see your in-game framerate press ~ (located right before the 1 key).

If you see a lot of red values then the situation is bad.

To bypass this problem, make sure that the game is using your actual video card instead of a motherboard’s video processor.

4. Reduce your Ragdoll

To reduce your Ragdoll in Configuration open the Video menu, and drop it down to 2 or 3. That way you’d have better performance.

5. Reduce Settings

Sometimes the game might use most of your PC’s resources, which is why it feels slow and choppy. You should reduce your video resolution and overall settings to medium, low, or even off.

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