How to Skip intro in Chivalry 2


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Here we will show you and help you how to skip the incredibly long intro in Chivalry 2. And of course when the full game comes out and the intro is there just follow the steps that we will show you here and you should be good to go.

How to Skip intro in Chivalry 2

Steps to Skip intro in Chivalry 2

First, navigate your way to the folder where your game is installed. When you arrive there open up the TBL folder then open Content and finally open Movies. There you will be able to see the logo.mp4 and loop.mp4 folder. The Logo.mp4 is a 30 seconds video that is the intro and you will see it when you start up the game and the loop.mp4 is a short cut-scene that is 9 seconds long.

Now, it all depends what you want to see when you start up the game, for that you simply need to rename them so when you start up the game it won’t be able to find it and of course it will skip them. We can suggest you change the name for logo.mp4 to logo1.mp4 and loop.mp4 to loop1.mp4. After you finish this no matter how you start up the game should result in the intro screen being skipped, and you will be presented with the main menu screen.

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