Best Skyrim Destruction Spells



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Best Skyrim Destruction Spells! From freezing blizzards to scorching fireballs, only a true Mage would be wise enough to know which spells are best, given the battle’s outline!

Best Skyrim Destruction Spells

In your journey through the Imperial Province of Skyrim, you will come across immensely powerful enemies. It is up to you to use your magic abilities to triumph against these evil forces!

Magic plays a massive role in Skyrim, unlike its predecessor. You can expect to heavily rely on your spells to defeat mercenaries.

Below, we are sharing the 7 best Destruction Spells in Skyrim!

7. Fire Storm Spell

fire storm spell

You gather all of your firepower for a few seconds before detonating a colossal ball of fire to your enemies. This spell is potent, and it is worth the few seconds cast time, considering how much damage it inflicts.

6. Blizzard Spell

blizard spell

Like with the Fire Storm spell, you gather every bit of Frost Mage ability to cast this spell. You cast for a few seconds until you are ready to push out a blizzard so intense, it shakes the earth.

5. Wall of Frost/Flames/Storms

wall of frost

Unlike the first two, with this spell, you channel all your power into one spot. It’s not a nuke like the first two, instead a more civilized spell.

You channel lightning, frost, or flames to a specific spot leaving behind a trail that continually damages enemies.

4. Flames


You don’t have to worry about being a Master Mage to do this spell. Instead, this is a novice spell. However, do not let this fool you. It can do incredible amounts of damage.

Using this spell, you are blowing flames from your hands, like a flamethrower.

3. Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning

This spell is another simple yet very effective spell. You control the strongest of lightning, which you use to shock your enemies.

It’s significant because it disorients/stuns your enemies while also dealing severe lightning damage. It then leaps to its next victim after traveling through the first one.

2. Frost Rune

frost rune

This spell is more of a tactical ability. You engrave the ground, which bursts with chilling frost when an enemy steps inside. Apprentice mages can easily do this spell.

1. Flame Cloak Spell

flame cloak spell

With this spell, you become a fire yourself. You emit high-temperature flames around you, and your enemies can feel your wrath.

It’s a straightforward spell to do, and beginner players can easily use it.

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