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Whether you’re looking to fight the Ender Dragon or conquer an ocean monument, this guide will show you the best enchantments in Minecraft to equip your weapon with.

The Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft

With each update, Minecraft’s developers—Mojang—never ceases to amaze us. They’ve improved Minecraft from a simple sandbox game to a large, open-world gaming experience where players can continuously use their skills to upgrade vast levels of equipment in order to become stronger and conquer the game. Here, we’ve listed down some of the best enchantments a player could ask for in a weapon to fully utilize their weapon’s potential and capability.

Best Enchantments for Swords

  • Sharpness: Equipping your sword with the Sharpness echantment increases its base attack damage by a lot. We recommend upgrading this enchantment from Sharpness I to Sharpness V to get the sword’s maximum damage potential. A diamond or netherite sword equipped with the Sharpness V enchantment will kill most mobs with one melee attack.
  • Smite: The Smite enchantment increases damage specificially against undead mobs only. Although it also increases the weapon’s damage, it is not as strong as the Sharpness enchantment. The Smite enchantment is most useful when fighting against undead mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and even the wither.
  • Fire Aspect: The Fire Aspect enchantment will imbue your weapon with fire thus setting the target on fire. Although it does not specifically show a flaming sword, the targets hit with a melee attack with this enchantment will still be set on fire.
  • Looting: Looting, as its name suggests, increases the loot drop count of every mob that is slain with the sword equipped with this enchantment. A sword with a higher Looting enchantment will increase the drop rate of rare items as well as increase the the number of those dropped items.

Best Enchantments for Bow

  • Power: The Power enchantment is best suited for a bow when it is upgraded into Power IV or Power V. This will increase the damage of the arrows that are shot using the bow equipped with this enchantment. It will also cut your combat time in half as most enemies won’t be able to get near you.
  • Punch: A bow with the Punch enchantment will give a knockback effect to the enemies much like the knockback of a sword swing. This enchantment is most effective for enemies who are harder to kill as it pushes the enemies back and gives you leeway to shoot the arrows more accurately.
  • Flame: The Flame enchantment is similar to the Fire Aspect enchantment for melee weapons in that it also sets the target on fire. All arrows with this bow enchantment will be fire arrows regardless if the arrow has other effects.
  • Infinity: The Infinity enchantment makes it so that a single arrow in your inventory can be infinitely fired without the risk of running out of arrows. This is a powerful enchantment for bows as you can fire your bow in any direction and it still won’t consume the number of arrows in your inventory.

Best Enchantments for Crossbow

  • Quick Charge: This enchantment allows the crossbow to charge quickly. Quick Charge specificially decreases the crossbow’s reload time so it is most effective when it is upgraded to Quick Charge III.
  • Multishot: The Multishot, just like its name, shoots multiple arrows in a single shot. It shoots approximately 3 arrows that will spread horizontally at the cost of a single arrow alone.
  • Piercing: The Piercing enchantment can only be equipped on a crossbow. This enchantment allows the arrows that are shot using the crossbow to pierce through shields, armors, and multiple enemies.

Best Enchantments for Trident

  • Impaling: Enchanting a trident with Impaling V will deal massive damage to mobs underwater. This enchantment becomes most useful especially when in underwater skirmishes with the drowned or the guardians that are guarding ocean monuments.
  • Loyalty: The Loyalty enchantment makes it so that whenever you throw your trident, it will return to your inventory no matter how far it is after a short amount of time. The higher the level of enchantment for Loyalty, the quicker the trident returns to you.
  • Channeling: The Channeling enchantment is a unique trident enchantment that allows you to summon lightning whenever a thunderstorm is brewing. Most mobs that are hit with the player-induced lightning strike will be set on fire while some mobs have special interactions with it such as pigs turning into zombified piglins.
  • Riptide: A trident that is equipped with the Riptide enchantment will launch the player along with the trident when thrown. This will only work in rain or underwater.

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