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Storytelling Method is one of the world quests in Genshin Impact you need to complete to increase your Reputation Level. Still, it will also contribute to your exploration progress of Inazuma.

How to Unlock Storytelling Method World Quest in Genshin Impact

This world quest is easy to finish but unlocking it is somewhat of a challenge because you have to complete a series of daily commissions. As you already know, daily commissions are random quests you get every day, and they reset or change the following day.

For the Storytelling Method world quest, you need to complete the daily commissions under the novel-writing-related quests that involve a novel author and his editor. Specifically, the commissions under this series are:

  • Is This Novel Amazing?
  • This Novel Seems…Problematic?
  • This Novel Seems…Familiar?

But simply completing these will not unlock the Storytelling Method quest. You need to select certain choices to go the correct route and trigger the next needed quest.

Is This Novel Amazing? Quest Guide

The first thing you need to do is, of course, wait and hope for the game’s RNG to give you “Is This Novel Amazing?” as one of your daily commissions.

stm amazing 1

In this first commission, you will find Junkichi, a writer, in a heated argument with the editor from the Yae Publishing House. The writer is being reminded by Shigeru, the editor, about the deadline of his manuscript and that it must no longer be delayed.

stm amazing 2

Junkichi’s novel “Onibudo” is very popular, but the writer never meets his deadlines and sometimes delays them up to weeks. Thus, Shigeru is there to make sure this will not happen again. As it happens, Junkichi could not continue writing due to lack of inspiration, or so he claims.

stm amazing 3

After a few dialogues, you will be displayed a choice between getting some materials or inspiration with Junkichi.

stm amazing 4

Whatever choice you make, this will randomly have you check out either the Amenoma Smithy, the Tsukumomono Groceries, or the Doushin at work.

stm amazing visit amenoma

After a few moments of observing the Amenoma Smithy, Junkichi thought it would be nice for the novel’s main character to suddenly obtain a superb alchemy ability, which he called Sword Resurrection. This new power is supposed to magically transform a rusty blade into a powerful weapon simply by saying its new name.

stm amazing visit groceries

The visit to the grocery store will give Junkichi an idea of making the main character of his novel a psychic that can intuit the buyer’s needs. The said character will have to suddenly awaken to a new trait called the Third Eye of Perception.

stm amazing visit doushin

Observing the Doushin at work will make Junkichi think that making the enemy knights ten times stronger is a good idea. He added that this would be a perfect moment to reveal the main character’s hidden ability to disguise and freely change their appearance and voice.

stm amazing 5

Shigeru will not agree with any of these ideas because it appears that Junkinchi has been randomly adding new skills. Shigeru is trying to make the novelist understand that such action will confuse the readers.

stm amazing 6

These two will ask you who you think is right. If you choose Junkinchi’s side, the next time you get a daily quest related to this series, it will be “This Novel Seems…Problematic? But if you choose that Shigeru sounds more reasonable, Junkichi will get upset, triggering the “This Novel Seems…Familiar?” daily commission.

You should choose the latter if you want to proceed to the daily commission that must be completed correctly to unlock the Storytelling Method world quest. If you want to know the narrative and experience the other branch of this side story, you can side with Junkichi.

This Novel Seems…Problematic? Quest Guide

After Junkichi decided to add new features to the main character on Onibudo’s last update, the reader feedback was not good, and the reviews plummeted. The readers are confused about why the main characters suddenly have new abilities and say that the author is not taking the story seriously.

stm problematic 1

Junkichi will ignore these readers’ feedback, but Shigeru will suggest asking the readers what they think has become of the novel Onibudo.

You ask three people in Inazuma City what they can say about Junkichi’s novel, of course, without disclosing that he is the author. These readers love the Onibudo, but they honestly think that the latest volume results from cheap and lazy writing. One even thought of putting it to rest and looking for something else to read because she finds it hard to catch up with all the main character’s new abilities.

stm problematic 3

This little trip with Junkichi will have him realize the effects of his choices.

This Novel Seems…Familiar? Quest Guide

As mentioned above, in the “Is This Novel Amazing? daily commission, you need to side with Shigeru to trigger this follow-up commission.

stm familiar 1

For this commission, the writer and editor are arguing once again, and this time, Junkichi threatened Shigeru that he would quit. This is all because the editor wants the author of Onibudo to follow some writing principles that he extracted from successful novels.

stm familiar 2

Junkichi will then ask you to take a few books from Yae Publishing House to try and convince Shigeru that his writing principles from those previously published novels were no good.

stm familiar 3

In this part, you will need to pick up three novels—Literature Club, The Honest Cat’s Little Lie, and The Sage Aetolia Will Die Tomorrow—from the shelves in the store just across Junkichi and Shigeru.

NOTE: This next step is very important to trigger the world quest you need.

When you return to the two arguing individuals with the three books on hand, make sure not to give the Literature Club first. Because if you do give this book first, the quest will be completed.

stm familiar 4

However, if you give one of the other books first, Junkichi will ask for another book.

stm familiar 5

Choosing to give the Literature Club last will unlock the achievement “Editorial Opinion,” and an exclamation mark will now appear on Junkichi’s head. This will indicate that a new quest from him is now available, the Storytelling Method.

Storytelling Method Quest Guide

After the lessons that Junkichi learned from the novels that you, the Traveler, fetched for him to review, he has now come up with a story structure of a novel about a ninja. Shigeru criticizes, constructively, the author’s methods. Thus, another argument arose.

stm quest 1

They will both ask you to be the judge of Junkichi’s narrative by experiencing the story firsthand. You will be transported to a fortress and act as the ninja in his story.

stm quest 2

Read through Junkichi’s dialogues as he will act as the narrator of this story you are currently in.

stm quest 3

You can choose to exactly follow what Junkichi is narrating or explore the area at your own pace.

stm quest 4
stm quest 5

After going through everything, you can exit the area.

Junkichi will feel exhausted, and Shigeru will point out the importance of narrative devices and planning things to avoid losing control of the plot.

stm quest 6

The writer will no longer argue and will thank you for your help.

stm quest 7

Completing this world quest will unlock the achievement titled “Well, At Least It Ended,” as well as the Inazuma Reputation reward for unlocking and completing the Storytelling Method.

stm quest 8
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